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Photo by Wendy Davis

Iroquois County Highway Engineer Joel Moore and county board transportation and highway committee chairman Charles Alt lead the committee meeting.

The Iroquois County Board Transportation and Highway Committee had a short meeting Friday morning.

At the meeting highway engineer Joel Moore gave an update on the Ashkum slab project.

He said, “All in all things are going well.” There have been a few “hiccups”, he said.

Keeping the project on schedule has been tough. He said there have been scheduling conflicts. IPC has been doing work, and the stone is contracted, as well. Plus, to break the stone a mill had to be rented. The scheduling between the three operations has been tough.

He said county crews are in the process of widening the road, but, he said, the crew is a newer crew which doesn’t have a lot of experience. He said he’s brought in someone who does have the experience to help out.

Moore mentioned other projects, as well.

He said the Papineau bridge work is on hold because of high water.

Work is expected to begin on a bridge in Onarga Township.

There was a bridge in Milford Township which was closed.

On the financial front, he told the committee there’s a balance of $809,000 in the county highway fund after $75,000 was spent and $41,000 was brought in in September. The second distribution of property tax monies will be later this month.

With 83 percent of the year complete, he said, the highway department is at 91 percent in the general fund.

At the end of the fiscal year, Nov. 30, Moore said he will likely be over budget overall because of office supplies and the purchase of two tandem trucks which were ordered last fiscal year but delivered in FY19. There will be areas which will be under budget, he said.