Iroquois County has a cumulative total of 112 laboratory confirmed novel coronavirus, COVID-19, cases.

That was the latest number released from the Iroquois County Public Health Department Friday afternoon.

The latest cases listed Thursday are a female in her 40s, a female under 20, a male in his 40s and a female in her 60s. Friday there was just one case listed, a male in his 40s.

The health department also announced that there have been 790 tests, with 678 of those tests being negative.

Of the 112 positive cases, 42 have recovered and have been released from isolation. Five are hospitalized, 62 remain isolated at home and three have passed away.

The health department is not released any other information about the case.

“No additional details will be provided regarding any of the above Iroquois County residents per compliance with 77 Ill. Adm. Code 1005. Please visit http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/077/07701005sections.html for further information regarding the Collection, Disclosure, and Confidentiality of Health Statistics,” reads the information provided.

The state website does provide zip code level information on confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. That virtual map is available at https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/covid19-statistics.

Those zip codes are listed once a specific one has more than five cases. Listed on the website from Iroquois County are: 60970, Watseka, 10 cases; 60955, Onarga, 10 cases; 60922, Chebanse, 11 cases; 60927, Clifton, 43 cases; 60911, Ashkum, six cases; 60928, Crescent City, seven cases; and 60912, Beaverville, six cases.

The state website also provides information on long term care facilities with case of COVID-19 among residents and staff. That link is at https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/long-term-care-facility-outbreaks-covid-19.

For Iroquois County, the only long term care facility listed is Ascension Presence Merkle-Knipprath at Clifton, which lists 33 cases and one death.

“The Iroquois County Public Health Department is reporting congregate data regarding COVID-19. In an effort to clarify this data, we would like to provide a brief explanation. A confirmed case is an individual residing in Iroquois County who has a positive laboratory confirmation of COVID-19. The total confirmed case numbers we report includes all individuals who have tested positive, regardless of their current status. This number will never decrease. Recovered cases are individuals who tested positive and after a period of ten days, are afebrile (fever free without fever-reducing medication) for at least 72 hours and respiratory symptoms have improved. These recovered cases are then released from isolation by the health department,” reads the county health department news release.

“This is a rapidly evolving situation and the Iroquois County Public Health Department will provide updated information and guidance as it becomes available on our Iroquois County Public Health Department Facebook page and website at http://www.co.iroquois.il.us/covid-19-corona-virus/.”