Photo by Wendy Davis

Paula Rossow, Loda, speaks to the county board against its resolution regarding the state’s proposed FOID Card Act.

The resolution the Iroquois County Board was to send to the state will get more discussion.

Paula Rossow was at Tuesday’s full board meeting giving her thoughts about the proposed resolution expressing disapproval of the FOID Card Act going through the state’s legislature.

Rossow said she was speaking as “normal person” and a Democrat.

“I would respectively ask all of the voting members of the board to give a great deal of thought to what it is you’re trying to say with the resolution and why you’re saying it,” she said.

The FOID Card Act raises fees on obtaining a FOID card, takes the right to own a firearm from those who are indicted in a crime, and controls all gun exchanges through the use of a licensed dealer.

Rossow said she’s spoken many different people, Democrats and Republicans, and, though the Republicans tended to agree with the board’s opinion in the resolution there were the comments “Doesn’t the board have any real work to do?”

She said these resolutions are “largely symbolic” and doesn’t actually make change.

Rossow said she supports the right to own guns, and other Democrats in the county do as well. “It is quite another thing to consistently resist any efforts at gun reform in this state on the basis of ‘hardship’.”

In fact, she pointed out, nearly a quarter of the county’s voters voted “no” on last November’s General Election question: “Should the Illinois General Assembly refrain from passing any additional legislation limiting a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms as defined by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution?”

“Apart from partisan politics: this country is slowly shifting toward embracing gun law reform, and it is my hope that this county’s governing board will take positive steps toward that goal.”

Members of the county board wanted to take a closer look at it. Leann Duby made the motion, with Donna Crow seconding it.

It was an 8-8 vote, thus failing, to separate it from the report: Charles Alt, Roger Bard, Lyle Behrends, Paul Bowers, John Shure, Marvin Stichnoth, Joe Young, and John Zumwalt voting against and Kevin Bohlmann, Crow, Ernest Curtis, Duby, Steve Huse, Sherry Johnson, Barb Offill, and Jed Whitlow voting in favor. Not at the meeting were Kevin Coughenour, Paul Ducat, Chad McGinnis and Michael McTaggart.

The resolution includes “Be it further resolved that the Iroquois County Board hereby ordains that Iroquois County shall not support the enforcement of the Firearms Owners identification Card Act thru the use of county funds, appropriations, personnel or property. The use of these limited resources are hereby banned from enforcing the FOID Act.”

States attorney Jim Devine said including this statement in the resolution is appropriate, and, in fact, he appreciates the board giving direction to its council. But, he said, it could cause confusion in the future. He said the public may start thinking the board has more authority than law enforcement.

Sheriff Derek Hagen gave his opinion.

He said the board won’t tell the sheriff what his department will and won’t do. “I’ve taken an oath to enforce the laws of Illinois.” He said he’d hate to think that his following the state’s laws may not be funded by the county.

And, taking that a step further, he said, he wouldn’t want the county board to be upset with the sheriff following the laws, and the board take out its disapproval of the sheriff’s decisions by cutting his budget.

“We can’t say ‘because I don’t believe in this I’m not going to enforce it’.”

Ultimately, the resolution was sent back to committee for further review, with Johnson making the motion and Whitlow seconding it. Voting against further review were Bard, Curtis, Shure, Stichnoth and Zumwalt.

Within the committee reports, the board approved several items.

In the planning and zoning report, the board approved the rezoning request to rezone a property from A-1 to RH-1 in Loda Township, as requested by Dana and Barb Kuester. The county’s zoning board of appeals recommended it.

It also approved the re-let bid for the Papineau bridge project. The bid from IPC was considerably above the engineer’s estimate and county highway engineer Joel Moore said at the transportation and highway committee meeting he wanted to talk to Papineau’s road commissioner to make sure he still wanted to go through with the project.

It approved the 10-year 75 percent tax abatement request of Incobrasa on the new construction the company is set to complete. This was also approved by the Iroquois West District 10 Board of Education, the largest taxing body of Incobrasa.

The board approved the commodity flow study, costing $9,420, which was also approved by the county’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). EMA Coordinator Eric Ceci said this study will show what hazards are traveling through the county, and thus give local emergency crews a better idea of how to mitigate the hazards if there were an accident. Duby and Bohlmann voted against the study.

The board approved the following liquor licenses:

— Club license for $450 — Buckley American Legion Post 432, Shagbark Golf and Country Club, Shewami Country Club, Lakeview Country Club

— 1 a.m. licenses for $700 — The L’Erable Corp Inc. d/b/a The Longbranch, Coronis LLC-Beans & Barley Brews Series

— 2 a.m. licenses for $950 — The Topper, DX3 d/b/a The Isles, Hideout Bar & Bait.

The board made one appointment. Daniel Tincher was reappointed to the Iroquois Memorial Hospital Board.