Photo by Wendy Davis

The Iroquois County Board Judicial and Public Safety Committee has its October meeting.

The Iroquois County Board Judicial and Public Safety Committee had its October meeting Wednesday.

Various department heads gave their monthly reports.

Eric Raymond handed out the ETSB report.

There were a total of 2,095 calls for September: 1,468 police, 111 fire, 328 ambulance, 137 change of quarters, 29 coroner and 22 animal control.

There were 916 9-1-1 calls and 4,423 non emergency calls.

Telecommunicators worked 220.25 hours of overtime and the director worked eight hours on the radio.

Barb King spoke on behalf of probation.

For the adult caseload there were six new admissions and a total of 185 general caseload clients. There was one pretrial service client.

In the specialized court, there were 20 sex offenders and seven domestic violence clients. Administrative active cases totaled 34 and inactive totaled two. There were 14 cases closed.

There were six investigation reports. One person is on the GPS/alcohol monitoring.

For public service, there were three clients added with 900 hours. Three clients completed work totaling 640. Total hours remaining are 7,200.

For the juvenile caseload there was one new admission, taking the total caseload to 41. Nineteen are pretrial-pending/referral cases. Two cases were closed.

There were six investigation reports done.

There were three detention screenings completed and two detained, with one detained as of Sept. 25. There were 26 days spent in the Iroquois County Jail and one in the Vermilion County Youth Detention Center.

For public service work, there was one client added with a total of 24 hours. Two clients completed work and 108 hours were completed. There are 876 hours remaining.

The totals for the department includes 38 successful field contacts, 512 office client contacts, 12 investigations, and six urinalysis and blood alcohol content tests. Total caseload is 298.

Derek Hagen gave the sheriff’s department report.

There were 705 calls for service in September, taking the year to date number to 7,060, a four percent increase over last year at this time.

There were 54 prisoners booked in, taking the total 510. The average daily population was 31 with the average length of stay being 24.

Overtime at the jail was 194 hours and there were 189 hours of parttime use for August and September. He said he’s hired a new correctional office Sept. 27, and he is going to need to go through academy which is reimbursable.