The Glenn Raymond Science Olympiad Team traveled to Parkland College on March 7.

They earned their fifth consecutive State Competition berth by taking second place at the Parkland Regional Competition scoring 49 points behind St. Matthews 42 points, according to information from Coach Troy Simpson.

Champaign Jefferson Middle School was a distant third place scoring 71 points. The Junior Varsity squad also finished in second place in the JV division. Students on both teams competed in 23 different events that include everything from lab process events, fossil and bird identification, building boomilevers to solving crimes using forensics.

The varsity team brought home medals in 15 of the events, 10 of which were 1st place medals. The team tied the school record for 1st place medals earned, set by the 1999 team. The JV team earned 8 medals as well in the JV division. The team also earned the Regional Spirit/Sportsmanship Award for the 5th time in the last six years. The award is given to the team the best exemplifies the spirit of the Science Olympiad competition and is selected by coaches and event supervisors.

Even though the team qualified, they are unable to compete due to the cancelling of the State Science Olympiad Competition which would have been April 18 at the University of Illinois.

“This year, our students were on a mission to compete for the Regional title and earn a trip back to state,” Simpson said. “Most of the students were part of the team last year and that experience was valuable this year. The fact they tied the school record for most Regional Event Championship medals is a testament to the strength of this team. We are always proud of how our students represent GRS and it was exciting they were recognized for the 5th time in the last 6 years with the Regional Spirit/Sportsmanship Award.

“We are disappointed that circumstances have prevented us from competing at State knowing we would have done well at that level, but we are very proud of accomplishments of this group and no one can take that away from them. We have a couple special shout outs to Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Eheart, and Hannah Eheart for helping keep our basecamp organized and assisting the students with making sure they had all of their material. We also want to thank Pete Blunk, who was a member of our first Science Olympiad Team in 1988, for making a donation that allowed our students complete their Blues Brothers theme t-shirts with matching sunglasses. We are always amazed and thankful of the continued support by our alumni,” said Simpson.

“Our Science Olympiad Team this year has expressed great integrity and willingness to help each other. I am proud of the fact that they pulled together and not only worked really hard preparing for their events but made it a fun and memorable experience. I am truly disappointed they will not be able to compete at State but cannot wait to see what the future holds for these bright students,” said teacher and coach Ashley O’Brien.

The Science Olympiad Team consists of 15 Varsity team members and 12 Junior Varsity members. Team members then meet with individual coaches before and after school as they master up to 5 different events. The team is coached by science teachers Troy J. Simpson and Ashley O’Brien and high school math teacher Nick Harvey.

Varsity Competition Medalists:

Boomilever: Mason Galyen and Aidan Morris – 1st Place

Circuit Lab: Annika Greene and Jack Combes – 1st Place

Density Lab: Mason Galyen and Lydia Mustered – 1st Place

Elastic Glider: Mason Galyen and Austin Marcier – 1st Place

Fossils: Sophie Simpson and Aidan Morris – 1st Place

Heredity: Maya Machev and Annika Greene – 1st Place

Meteorology: Sophie Simpson and Jack Combes – 1st Place

Ping Pong Parachute: Austin Marcier and James Newell – 1st Place

Science Crimebusters: Maya Machev and Quinn Starkey – 1st Place

Write-It, Do-It: Maya Machev and James Newell – 1st Place

Anatomy: Madison Hughes and Lydia Mustered – 2nd Place

Mission Possible: Lydia Mustered and Natalie Erickson – 2nd Place

Mouse Trap Car: Aidan Morris and Austin Marcier – 2nd Place

Ornithology: Sophie Simpson and Aidan Morris – 2nd Place

Reach for the Stars: Mason Galyen and Sophie Simpson – 2nd Place

Varsity Team Members: Jack Combes, Lilian Eheart, Natalie Erickson, Austin Marcier, Quentin Meredith, Aidan Morris, Mason Galyen, Annika Greene, Madison Hughes, Maya Machev, Drew McTaggart, James Newell, Sophie Simpson, Quinn Starkey, Lydia Mustered

Junior Varsity Competition Medalists:

Boomilever: Marisa Clark – 1st Place

Heredity: Sarah Parsons and Jade Maples – 1st Place

Disease Detectives: Lydia Heeren and Ella Combes – 1st Place

Experimental Design: Addie Kingdon, Cara Petersen, and Taylor Bright – 1st Place

Road Scholar: Ethan Snow and Peter Jeglinski – 1st Place

Science Crimebusters: Cara Petersen and Thayren Rigsby – 1st Place

Water Quality: Addie Kingdon and Marisa Clark – 1st Place

Write-It, Do-It: Cara Petersen and Taylor Bright – 1st Place

Junior Varsity Team Members: Amelia Salinas, Ethan Snow, Marisa Clark, Addie Kingdon, Sarah Parsons, Taylor Bright, Ella Combes, Lydia Heeren, Peter Jeglinski, Cara Petersen, Thayren Rigsby