A Red Cross Blood Drive conducted from 10:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. June 18 in the Ashkum Coliseum netted 121 pints of blood. There were 113 presenting donors. Thirty-six double red cell units were collected.

Members of the Ashkum Go-Getters 4-H Club, who sponsored this 11th annual drive, would like to thank all the donors and the volunteers who made this year’s drive a big success. In the past 11 years, since 2009, the Go-Getters 4-H sponsored Red Cross Blood Drives have collected 1,126 units of blood helping save up to 3,378 lives.

Many dedicated donors hit milestone achievements. Nine gallon donor is Anne Schoolman and Todd Meister is a five gallon donor. Bart Johnson and Ken Senffner are three gallon donors. Alison Nakaerts and Anthony Potts have donated two gallons. One gallon donors are Michelle Hull, Mary Trost, David Renollet and Johnathan Vargas.

According to Red Cross records the following presenting donors were first time donors (or had not donated in a substantial amount of time and were being reentered into the system): Sean Hightower, Shannon Meier, Elizabeth Bertelsman-Deck, Alexander Winkel, Jeanette Carrington, Amy Pooley, Miya Silfies, Bryan Winkel, Angela Gray, Kelli Tammen and Charlotte Zerbs-Barth.

Winners of a $10 gift card to a local business, donated by the Go-Getters, were Kelli Tammen, Beans & Barley Brews; Scott Senffner, Dairy Queen; Mike Watterson, Main Sreet Diner; Cindy Purdy, Pizza Palace; and Lyle Behrends, Subway. All presenting donors received a Culver’s Pint for a Pint coupon.

Volunteers included Donna Schmitz, Amy Sides, Mary Sides, Judy Regnier, Eva McGill, Krystal Alberts, Stephanie Hanson, Beth Hickman and Sharlene Finegan. High School 4-Hers who accepted the challenge of advertising the drive, securing one or more new donors to the Ashkum drive and who helped load and unload the trucks, assisted in the kitchen, as an escort and other various tasks were Kalyn Alberts, Evelyn Fatka, Abbey Hanson, Nik Hanson, Sydney Hanson Anna Hickman, Christa Hickman, Carson McGill and Kasey Novak. 4-Her Brenna Hanson also worked in the kitchen area.

The Go-Getters provided the food for the canteen area. A committee of 4-Hers held a foods workshop the day prior to the event baking a variety of cookies, making scotcheroos, etc. Baker’s Square pie was also enjoyed. Following the drive, Random Act of Kindness cookie plates were also delivered to several local businesses.

Mark calendars for June 2020 for the next Ashkum Community Blood Drive.