Gilman City Council

Photo by Wendy Davis

Gilman alderman Mike McGehee listens to alderman Randy Eimen talk about the details of a contract between the county and city for I-Com services.

The city of Gilman will pay $2,688 in an agreement with Iroquois County to receive I-Com services.

The contract, alderman Randy Eimen said, is “heavy handed”. He said at last night’s city council meeting, the city received the emailed letter Oct. 17, and it stated it needed to be paid by Nov. 20 or the city needed to contact I-Com by Nov. 30 to state it no longer wanted to have its services. He said the letter seemed to have some “coercion” in it, as well.

Last night he talked to fellow council members about his concerns, even though the amount is 30 percent less than the previous year.

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