Business: Moto Vape of Hoopeston and Watseka

Address: 1120 E Walnut St. suite 16 at Lexington Center, Watseka

Business opened: May 1st 2019

Hours: Mon — Sat 11AM — 8PM.

Phone: 1-815-785-1111

1. What does this business do?

We offer an Alternative to smoking by providing a wide selection of the latest premium Vape mods, Kits, E-Juices, CBD products, Accessories and more at great prices.

2. What was the reason for starting this business?

I was a heavy smoker for a long time sometimes up to a pack and a half a day. When vaping was introduced I tried it and just couldn’t seem to find the right one. After several attempts to stop smoking I finally settled down with one I liked with the right flavor and the right nicotine strength. I’ve never went back to smoking, I actually started feeling so much better, no more nasty smoke odors or stained teeth. In fact I cannot stand the smell anymore. I’ve gotten my health back am able to breath and taste and smell again I don’t wake up hacking and coughing because my lungs are clear now. With that being said I want to help people quit smoking first and foremost. Vaping has been the answer at least for a lot of those that cannot stop cold turkey. My biggest thing was finding good quality flavors to vape and quality devices that were affordable. At Moto Vape we do our best to stay competitive and keep our selections and quality high and our prices as low as we can.

3. What’s the best thing about being located in Watseka and Hoopeston?

I really like the small hometown communities, the friendliness of people compared to larger congested cities. It’s more personable and you get to meet and know some really cool and interesting people.

4. What is the biggest challenge?

Our largest challenge so far has being able to reach more customers in our community and surrounding areas. Unfortunately or industry has legislation that hinders some of our advertising avenues, the categorize us as a tobacco shop when in. Fact we are actually Anti Tobacco we are a 95% safer alternative that they openly admit yet we are not allowed to advertise the benefits... go figure? I am surprised after 8 mos in business in Hoopeston how many people still stop in from the area and are like wow I never even knew you guys were here. And although we’re doing good I feel as if we are only taping about 25% of the local market for our industry type. Some other challenges are simply deadline with new changes in legislation. As you know illinois just passed a new law that will now change the legal purchasing age to 21 instead of 18 very soon. I absolutely DO NOT condone underage smoking or vaping! I 100% believe in protecting our youths health, however i do not agree with this new bill and believe it to be another infringement on our freedoms however I will save that opinion for another day as I could go on for hours about this subject.

5. When is our busiest time of the year?

This is hard to answer because it’s really hit and mis however I would say there’s an increase during colder months as people stay indoors more. People that smoke turn to vaping because they can vape in their homes and not worry about lingering odors, secondhand smoke etc. March was been our best month in Hoopeston.

6. What is the most popular thing you sell/ service you provide?

We are popular for our knowlegable friendly experienced staff! Most popular products are our premium plethora of flavored ejuices! Hometown Hero is actually becoming very popular with us lately they offer a great ejuice as well donate a portion of profits to the disabled American veterans and it is priced lower than most of our other already low prices Ejuices. Another service I feel we definitely provide again is an alternative smoking cessation vessel for people that want to quit smoking and live a healthier life.

7. What is a less popular thing /service you would recommend?

While I’m not a big fan personally of certain pod systems I still recommend them especially for people just starting out because they are smaller more compact and don’t have a heavy draw compared to the larger vape mods we carry. I can’t really say they are even less popular however we do move more intermediate and advanced kits than we do salt nic and pos systems.

8. What is the thing you most like to do as part of your business?

Meet new people, and inform them. We have a great clientele the atmosphere at our shops is very laid back we want everyone to feel welcome and earn their loyalty. A lot of our customers sorta become part of the Moto Vape Family. My happiest day in the biz is when I see someone make the switch. Most never go back to smoking.

9. What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Me personally it’s a fun challenge. I love what I do I’m very good at it. I like networking with other people in this industry and keeping up on new products. I am relentlessly searching to get the best deals on the best products so I can pass savings on to our customers. I enjoy looking into new markets and opening up more stores. I think we have created a great business model and philosophy and would like to expand into a well known chain of vape shops.

10. What is the biggest downside?

Taxes and never enough time in the day lol. Seriously there’s not a whole lot on the downside, again certain legislation and some of the high prices things that small business owners deal with but it is what it is and we just got to constantly be creative and do what we have to do to survive. Another thing is so many people are quick to judge and don’t take the time to become properly informed and it doesn’t help that there’s a lot of misleading false information out there.

11. What’s the biggest misconception about your business?

Again without going into an all day topic, I will keep this one simple. A lot of misinformation is out there. We Are Not a Tobacco store we do not Sell any Tobacco, Cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals literally hundreds. Vape products are 95% safer there are 2 medical and food grade ingredients plus a flavoring and what if any nicotine level you so choose. Some people don’t even use nicotine they are simply flavor chasers. A lot of people are misinformed about CBD. CBD is 100% legal, it is not psychogenic and in fact has many many health benefits. We have a lot of customers that use this for ptsd, depression, anxiety, joint pains, sleep aid etc.

12. How would you describe your business philosophy?

To carry the best products at the best prices with a knowledgeable and experienced staff providing superior customer service.

13. When it comes to retire is there a family member who will be taking over for you?

Depending where the industry ends up by then however I am imagine my son and daughter would step up to the plate along with my partners kids if he ever has any lol but who knows we both work for the railroad so we may need something to do when we retire from there.

14. How has your business changed over the years.

We are still new we opened our first location in Hoopeston back in September 2018 and just opened our second location 8 mos later here in Watseka....... Stay tuned !

15. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business?

Make it happen nobody is going to do it for you! If you have passion for it and the drive and have done your research properly go for it and don’t let anyone stand in

you way. There will be people that support you and those are the people you want to stand by! There will be naysayers, negative feedback, even jealousy and unsupportive family members and so called friends. You will soon find out who your true cheerleaders are. I’m not saying to not listen to constructive suggestion however ultimately YOU are the one making the choices and it’s a big one. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be but if you enjoy it and want to make it a big part of you life it can be very rewarding not just financially but rather as a form of accomplishment. It helps to have emotional support especially if you are married or in a relationship as it really does become sort of a new lifestyle so balance is key if you want to survive both. Most of all be patient and don’t get easily discouraged success rarely happens overnight!