Sworn in

Photo contributed

Kim Rabe of Crescent City takes the oath of office as a trustee to the Crescent City board. She was sworn in at the July 1 town board meeting.

The village board of Crescent City conducted a regular meeting July 1, at city hall. Mayor Mark Rabe called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with clerk Charlene Schleef taking roll call. Present were Steve Carley, Cathy Crego, Dennis Ritzma and Jim Sorensen. Also present were treasurer Carolyn Rapp, maintenance engineer Al Johnson, ERH reps Joe and Amanda Belott, and Kim Rabe, who was sworn in as a new trustee.

Johnson shared the request by the family of Jimmy Gellinger to plant a tree in his memory at Heritage Park. He asked what type of tree the family should purchase and if there are still tree markers available. Mike Miner had asked if there was a problem with the lights at the basketball court, which led to discussion as to where the light switch is located and if there is a timer on the switch. Johnson will check out to see where the switch is located and if there is a timer. One of the spring toys at the park was broken so Johnson dug up the base to store it and filled in the area to prevent accidents. The board voted and gave Johnson permission to install a dog waste collection bin and to replace the spring toy.

Johnson brought up the subject of a dump truck for the village as the current dump truck is in bad condition. He noted the piles of sticks he picks up on Monday mornings are getting bigger and bigger. The board agreed he does not need to pick up large piles and gave him permission to put post-it notes on residences where the piles are too large for him to pick up. Large piles can be taken to the dump by the property owner or resident – a person needing to use the dump on days other than the Saturday opening can contact any board member or Mayor Rabe to get the dump opened.

Johnson also noted none of the appliances at the park are in working. The board discussed this matter and gave Rabe consent to look into prices on a new appliance. The appliances need to be working for those who rent the park.

ERH reps Joe and Amanda Belott noted they had taken the required daily and monthly samples, conducted lead and copper tests, performed routine maintenance on the generator, helped with Julie locations and the well house was painted. Joe gave everyone at the meeting a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report. Mayor Rabe reported he had found the paperwork required by the state for boring two water lines on the west side of town. Several hydrants in the community have been replaced so an updated list will be made as to which hydrants are left to be done.

Carolyn Rapp distributed copies of her treasurer’s reports – one for the village and one for the community center. Discussion took place on some of the past due water bills with shut offs set to begin. Both reports were approved by the board.

In new business, Mayor Rabe said he had been approached about the cost of having new water line connected to a residence. As this involves ERH, he said he would talk to Sean McBride about the issue. The estimate for tar-and-chips for village roads was higher than anticipated as there has been an increase in the crack sealant used on the roads. Mosquito spraying was set to take place in the next week. The front of the Crescent City Community Center is in need of repair, with the work to include taking off old metal, wrapping windows and replacing the vinyl with a material that won’t fade or crack.

Motion to adjourn was made by Kim Rabe, seconded by Steve Carley. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Aug. 5.