Photo by Wendy Davis

County board chairman John Shure explains an animal control department change.

The Iroquois County Board Health Committee had a short meeting Tuesday morning.

The committee approved a reclassification of the animal control warden’s employment.

Board chairman John Shure brought up the matter to the committee, saying at the advice of the states attorney and insurance attorneys the animal control wardens need to be hired as part time on call employees. Currently the job is classified as an independent contractor.

He said the reasoning is mostly just a bookkeeping issue and a tax standard.

“It’s a gray area,” he said.

It doesn’t change any of the duties, and because it’s still a part time position, the county’s isn’t responsible for retirement or health insurance, Shure said.

It will be at a small cost to the county, he said, as now the county will be responsible to pay the the payroll taxes, which independent contractors are responsible to pay themselves.

The change also benefits the employees as they’ll be covered under workers compensation.

“If our states attorney recommends it, it’s probably the way it should go,” said committeeman Jed Whitlow.

The committee approved the change to take it to the full board at next week’s meeting.

The change should take in effect Jan. 1.