Photo by Wendy Davis

Iroquois County Sheriff Derek Hagen hands his report to the county board’s judicial and public safety committee.

The Iroquois County Board Judicial and Public Safety Committee had its August meeting.

It received reports from sheriff Derek Hagen, ETSB director Eric Raymond and circuit clerk Lisa Hines.

Hagen led off with his report, which covered June and July.

There were 812 calls for service in June and 897 in July. Year to date there have been 5,515 calls, which is up nine percent from 2018, which was at 5,078.

There were 62 prisoners booked in for June and 72 in July. Year to date there have been 398. The average daily population for June was 36 and for July was 33. He noted to committee members, because of the higher population, the food costs were higher in the claims.

He pointed out that the year to date average population is 30, which is eight days more than last year. The average length of stay was 20 days.

Hagen went over overtime usage by correctional officers.

In June it was 340 and in July it was 271 on the schedule He said part time officers used 146 of those hours.

As per the COs contract full time officers need to be asked if they want the hours, Hagen said, but if they aren’t taken, the part time officers can be used. Part time officers have used about 235 hours in the last year.

He said it’s about a $11.15 an hour savings if part time officers can be used, and in the last year his department was able to save about $6,000 using part time.

In other staffing business, he said his administrative assistant will be retiring after 18 years of service Aug. 23.

Hagen said he’s filling the position with someone transferring from the circuit clerk’s office who has worked in the sheriff’s department before.

The good news with this change is that this person is cross trained in both departments, and if Hines needs someone to fill in in her office, this person can cover it.

In Hines’ report a total of $100,313.54 was taken in by the circuit clerk’s office. She was not at the meeting to present it.

Of that fine monies $53,593.38 was paid to the county, and $46,720.16 was paid out to others.

Credit collections added $2,690.41; the state comptroller’s office added $4,599.50.

In the ETSB report, there were a total 2,324 calls: 1,721 police, 115 fire, 323 ambulance, 124 change of quarters, 15 coroner, 26 animal control.

There were 1,061 9-1-1 calls and 4,757 non emergency calls.

Telecommunicators worked 227.5 overtime hours, and the director worked 26 hours on the radio.

Raymond said one of the new telecommunicators will be ready to work the phones alone soon. This will cut overtime hours. Unfortunantely, he said, another telecommunicator will be moving out of state in October. He said he hopes to hire and have someone trained to fill the position before October. This will keep the department fully staffed at 10.