Photo by Wendy Davis

County highway engineer Joel Moore explains the month’s expenses.

Finances, and the planning of what to do with the monies, was topic at the Iroquois County Board Transportation and Highway Committee meeting.

Friday morning county highway engineer Joel Moore said the expenses for the month of July came to $71,6812.96. The revenues totaled $43,325.76. The balance in the county highway fund at the end of the month came to $597,421.90.

With 66 percent of the fiscal year complete, he noted the highway department’s budget is at 74.9 percent. “Everything is inline” and the overages fall mostly in office expenses and purchase of equipment. The purchase of equipment is due to the ordering of two tandem trucks in the FY19 budget year, expecting to pay for them in that fiscal year, but the trucks weren’t ready, thus couldn’t be paid for in that budget.

Moore said he plans on advertising for bids for another tandem, knowing that the lead time for it is more than a year. He’s put the purchase in his proposed FY20 budget submitted to the county board’s finance committee. He’ll order it soon, and then expect to pay for it in the FY20 budget.

He reviewed the submitted FY20 budget proposed to the finance committee with the highway committee.

He pointed out he put a 60 percent increase for revenue in the MFT line.

“We’re still unclear of the distribution from the (state’s) capital bill,” Moore said.

He said he doesn’t expect the revenue to be has great as the state has said it would be. Plus, he pointed out, because of the expected growth in MFT revenues across the state meaning more projects would be done across the state, material costs will, and have already, increased.

Because of the uncertainty with it all, “We’re not going to double our programs.” He said this is what he’s talked to other county engineers about, as well.

There are “quite a few” projects planned to be done within FY20, he said.

Among them are the Woodland Bridge and replacing guard rail, the later using $1 million in federal grant monies.

As for current projects, Moore said county workers have started on the Ashkum slab. This project the county took bids for in the wintertime of this year.

He said they’ll be starting ditch work next week. Then, they’ll set the box culverts. The stone is expected to be laid sometime in the week of Aug. 19.