Photo by Wendy Davis

Eric Raymond presents the proposed ETSB FY20 budget to the county board finance committee.

The Iroquois County Board Finance Committee discussed having future electronic recycling events.

At Thursday’s meeting the committee approved its portion, split with the city of Watseka, of the invoice from the event earlier this year. The cost was $6,666.88.

It was brought up that the city invited the county to be part of an Oct. 26 event.

Though these recycling opportunities do take in a lot of items, cleaning up the county, and help citizens, it keeps getting more expensive, the committee agreed.

The last event the county conducted it paid about $4,000. The money to do these comes from the county’s fund set aside from the closure of its recycling center. This fund was set up to pay for recycling-related costs. That fund has just $22,000 in it, and it’s not a fund where it gets replenished.

“I’d like to see the junk go,” said committeeman Charles Alt, noting that it’s good for the community. He also was one to see that the expense is getting to be a lot.

Committeeman Joe Young said these types of events are something that should be done once a year. “It gives people time to accumulate stuff.”

It is a cost to the county, said committee member Sherry Johnson. When it’s conducted in conjunction with another entity, like the city of Watseka, it costs less. She suggested asking other entities, like townships, to help with the costs.

The committee agreed — having electronic recycling events is something the county should do just once a year, and it would pass that along to the city of Watseka.

The finance committee is wrapping up its department budget hearings, having heard from from ETSB Thursday. It was supposed to have heard from the public health department, too, but its administrator, Dee Schippert, said the ICPHD Board wasn’t able to meet Wednesday night to review her proposed budget.

It had two special meetings for budget hearings in the past two weeks with the county department heads and outside organization leaders submitting their proposed budgets.

The county board committee will have to have several meetings in the near future to review what was turned in before having to approve its budget, hopefully by Dec. 1, the beginning of the county’s fiscal year.

Also at the meeting, the board approved the purchase of two switches for the county’s computer servers. The cost was $4,663, which was more than the previously quoted price by Area Wide of $3,200, Johnson pointed out.

IEDA Executive Director Ken Barragree gave an update on the revolving loan fund, and the loan to Shane Dittrich. He said all the paperwork has been completed and signed, and the checks from both the county and the city of Watseka have been given. Treasurer Kurt Albers said Dittrich has already made a first payment on the loan.

County clerk Lisa Fancher asked for seven deeds purchased through the county trustee to be approved to get back on the tax roll; and the committee made the recommendation.