Photo by Wendy Davis

Charles Alt and Joel Moore lead Friday’s county board transportation and highway committee meeting.

Two bids were awarded at Friday’s Iroquois County Board Transportation and Highway Committee meeting.

First, Varsity Striping’s bid of $36,478.20 was approved for the striping of half of the county’s roads, a project which is done every year.

There were three bids, said highway engineer Joel Moore: Precision Pavement Markings for $82,682.65 and Road Safe Traffic Systems for $331,620.

The second letting was for the Papineau bridge project, which was a relet.

Iroquois Paving Corporation bid was $737,631.66. This, Moore said, was still more than the engineer’s estimate. The county’s portion to pay is 10 percent of the project, he said.

The committee approved the bid contingent on Moore talking with the local road commissioner to make sure he still wants to do the project and for this amount. Moore will report to the full board Tuesday on what the road commissioner wants to do.

Moore gave the monthly financial report.

He said the two trucks ordered last fiscal year are ready and have been paid for — out of this fiscal year’s monies. The cost was $345,000.

“With 50 percent of the year gone, we’re pretty much in line,” Moore said, noting the purchase of the trucks does throw off the books, which was expected last fiscal year when it was found out that it would take more than a year for the trucks be delivered to the county. He said normally the monthly expenditures are about $50,000 and without the trucks’ payment that’s what last month’s would have been.

His department received $17,031.75, and the cash fund is at $517,202.58.

Another matter approved by the committee was making the jurisdictional transfer of the fourth tangent on the Ashkum slab. There had been an issue of who owned it, and making this transfer solves this problem.

Finally, Moore explained how the state’s capital plan would affect Iroquois County.

“As far as what it means to us locally, not a lot.” He said the state should begin collecting July 1.

There’s expected to be a 19 cent increase on Motor Fuel Tax, and it will be indexed, he said. The funds are set to be put into the state road fund beginning in 2022, with the total amount being in the fund by 2026.

The increases on the licenses and registration fees won’t likely make an impact locally, he said, but, “We never saw it locally anyway.”

He did say that Iroquois County has been receiving $600,000-800,000 in Motor Fuel Tax monies, and that should double. “That’s great for us.”