Photo by Wendy Davis

Iroquois County Board Chairman John Shure gives the report from the negotiations committee meeting.

A contract with the Iroquois County telecommunicators was agreed upon by both its union and the Iroquois County Board.

The board approved it at Tuesday morning’s meeting.

County board chairman John Shure said it will have the same was increase, two percent, as other county board employees.

It’s a three-year contract, retroactive to Dec. 1, 2019.

Another matter that came before the board was a contract farm fertilizer.

At the committee level they opened bids. Committee chairman Lyle Behrends said he had attempted to contact all the bidders before they submitted their proposals that their costs needed to have prevailing wage factored in. One submission was not contacted, and its representative asked if a revised bid could be submitted before the full board meeting. The committee members agreed to allow this, and to have the full board make the approval of bids.

Since that Jan. 6 meeting it was found that prevailing wage doesn’t need to be applied in these bids, said board member John Zumwalt. It’s exempt because it’s agriculture, as per a phone call with the department of agriculture.

The county board agreed to send the matter back to the committee for its Feb. 4 meeting.

Another matters approved by the full board included a microbrewery ordinance. Linda Tammen was at the policy and procedure committee meeting to give an update on the building of her family’s planned business outside Thawville. The ordinance was prepared by Shure and revised by the committee, with a review from states attorney Jim Devine.

The appointments approved by the full board were Robert Bauer for Fountain Creek Drainage District commissioner and Matthew C. Hills for Iroquois Drainage District 2 commissioner.

Shure approved the reappointments of Jeremy Douglas and Joseph Young to the ETSB.

Absent from Tuesday’s meeting were Chad McGinnis, Kevin Bohlmann and Joe Young.