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Photo by Wendy Davis

Michael McTaggart reads the budget hearing reports at Tuesday’s Iroquois County Board meeting.

The budget hearings were put into reports given at Tuesday’s Iroquois County Board meeting.

Michael McTaggart read the reports.

First up with the sheriff’s budget, where Derek Hagen requested $396,000 from the public safety fund to pay for two new deputies, three Tahoes and the equipment expense for the vehicles.

Also part of his budget request was increasing the sergeant and lieutenant’s salaries by 2.5 percent, as the FOP contracts are. Maintenance and court security salaries would increase by two percent.

He decreased the gas and oil budget by $2,000 and increased maintenance of autos. The uniform allowance increased to $12,500 because tasers can’t be purchased locally anymore.

He increased service contracts to include snow removal this next year.

As for capital improvements, it will include repairing the concrete steps of the courthouse/jail.

In Chris Drake’s maintenance budget he explained the increase in service contracts due to snow removal for the buildings.

All other line items stayed the same.

Public defender Samantha Dodd requested a $5,000 salary increase for herself and a $3,000 increase for the assistant public defender. She also asked that group health insurance be offered to the public defender staff.

She asked for an increase in the special attorney hire line item.

Supervisor of veterans assistance Jennifer Ingram increased her salary due to it becoming a full time position. She’s not asking for county health insurance.

She will apply for a work study in her office again.

Coroner Bill Cheatum asked for no significant changes.

County engineer Joel Moore increased his salary, which is set by IDOT, for three percent and his employees by 2.5 percent.

His purchase of equipment and equipment rental increased.

Probation director Tom Latham increased office expenses by $500.

Treasurer Kurt Albers asked for a 2.5 percent increase for the deputy clerk and two percent increase for the chief deputy, as per AFSCME contract.

He increased his postage and automation line items, the later to upgrade Devnet to allow property taxes to be viewed online.

Supervisor of assessments Bob Yergler asked for a $1,750 salary increase for himself and a $1,500 increase for his chief deputy, with all others employees getting 2.5 percent as per the AFSCME contract.

County clerk Lisa Fancher requested a $1,500 increase for both chief deputies and a 2.5 percent increase for the deputy clerks. Election judge salaries would increase to $52,000 due to having two elections in 2020.

She said there should be an increase in county clerk fees after a fee study was done. The increase in automation expenses from the county recorder will go toward the Fidlar recording system.

She said an automation transfer is negotiable.

EMA director Eric Ceci asked for an increase in office expenses and his salary.

He said gas and oil and mileage decreased.

Service contracts decreased, but it includes an annual subscription of $6,500 for IPAWS.

Animal control director Hany Youssef asked to increase his salary from $12,000 to $24,000.

Circuit clerk Lisa Hines asked for a $2,000 increase for her chief deputy and a 2.5 percent increase for the deputy clerks.

She said she’s transferring $25,000 to the general fund from automation, and more can be transferred if needed.

States attorney Jim Devine asked for an increase for the assistant states attorneys. He said the deputy clerk salaries are set by the AFSCME contract.

Each of the committee reports were approved 18-0. Marvin Stichnoth and Kevin Coughenour were not at the meeting.

Appointments approved at the meeting were

— Kent Ficklin, drainage commissioner of Onarga Drainage District 3; Terry Miller, drainage commissioner of Artesia-Ridgeland Drainage District 1; Charles Leitz, drainage commissioner of Coon Creek Drainage District; Ronald Classen, drainage commissioner of Union Drainage District 1

— Scott Demarse, trustee of Sheldon Fire Protection District

— James Searl, Iroquois County Board of Review

— John Shure, nonvoting member of the Indiana Kankakee River and Yellow River Basin Development Commission.