The Iroquois County Board had three short committee meetings Friday morning.

The transportation and highway committee had its meeting at its normal time, 9 a.m. The finance and IT committee were following it, as they were rescheduled meetings because they normally meet on Thursdays.

At the highway department highway engineer Joel Moore presented three petitions for county aid, all of which were approved.

They each were for bridge repairs. One in Danforth Township, one in Douglas Township, and the last one is for a bridge on the Douglas/Danforth township line.

The total cost for the bridges is estimated at $1.2 million, he said. He also pointed out that this is just a first step in the process and each isn’t likely to get repaired for another 2-5 years.

Also at the meeting, he was questioned on what the county should expect to receive now that the new gas tax is in place.

He said everyone is “still waiting to hear about distribution”.

At the finance committee meeting, budget hearings for the county’s departments were set to be from 9-11 a.m. July 29-30, and July 31 if needed.

Ken Barragree from Iroquois Economic Development Association gave an update on the revolving loan fund.

He said contracts are still be drawn up between the county and its first recipient of the loan since its reincarnation, Shane Dittrich.

He said once these paperworks get done, there will be something permanent in place to make it easier for the next recipient.

At the IT committee meeting, the committee approved spending $4,529 on a premium for a $1 million policy through Compass Insurance for cyber security insurance.

Committeeman John Shure questioned Greg Steffen on why the premium doubled in cost for a $2 million policy.

He said he didn’t know, but premiums change based on the different risks. He said, “Every entity has different exposures.”

He pointed out that a lot of counties have a $1 million policy and “Something is better than nothing.” In the future, the county could change its policy, but at least something is in place.

Shure said, “It behoves us to move forward with something.”

Also at the meeting, Michael Tabor with Area Wide told the group its weekly onsite visits, which were approved at last month’s meeting, have begun.

He said hopefully next week the county will be switched from AT&T internet service to the Illinois Century Network.

Something that’s still being worked on is going through the different email addresses that the county has and making sure they’re still active. Eliminating the unused addresses would be a savings for the county.

Finally, the committee approved spending $1,600 for two core switches which are five years old, and age Tabor said that is appropriate for replacement. This needs to be done as soon as possible, and the plan is to do the work after hours so employees wouldn’t be inconvenienced.