Photo by Wendy Davis

The Iroquois County Board Finance Committee look over the month’s claims.

The Iroquois County Board Finance Committee met Thursday morning for a regularly scheduled meeting.

At the meeting Iroquois Economic Development Association Executive Director Ken Barragree gave a monthly report relating to the revolving loan.

He said the one entity which has used revolving loan fund monies, T&D for its plant on the west side of Watseka, which makes gun cabinets.

He said it shipped a full load of cabinets in December; they’re not shipped directly to distributors.

There are 20 employees working in the cabinet business, but T&D is expecting to hire more there, Barragree said. It’s projected to purchase a laser cutter and paint line equipment to do such work on site, he said.

Also at the meeting, treasurer Kurt Albers told the committee members he pulled $500,000 from the general fund balances to invest in a six-month DC “to get some extra interest” for the county to earn.

Finance manager Jill Johnson said the auditors are expected to be in the building this month to begin to “wrap up” fiscal year 2019. She said this is earlier than it was done last year, which is good.

The committee got its insurance reports.

Greg Steffen was on hand to give an updated on liability/general insurance matters.

He updated the committee on the state-mandated sexual harassment training which was to begin this year still doesn’t have a policy handed down from the state. He said when that is given, Bliss McKnight will arrange the training for county employees.

Suzie Werner told the committee there was nothing to report in the way of health insurance issues so far for 2020.

The monthly county board IT committee meeting, which is typically conducted after the finance committee meeting, was canceled for this month.