Photo by Wendy Davis

County board committee members Donna Crow, Roger Bard and Lyle Behrends listen to the coroner’s report.

There have been six confirmed overdose deaths in Iroquois County so far for 2019.

At Wednesday’s Iroquois County Board Judicial and Public Safety Committee meeting coroner Bill Cheatum said there are three more toxicology reports to be received which could push that number to nine.

Seven has been the most in one year for many years, he said, and this is just July.

With it being summer, crime has picked up, said states attorney Jim Devine.

He said there were 18 cases in front of grand jury this month, and “there’s still a stack of” juvenile cases and felony cases to continue to work through.

He said with three attorneys in his office they’re making use of everyone’s time, and there’s times when both judges are hearing state cases.

Plus, the jail is getting more full, but several of these individuals will hopefully be on the next jury calendar, Devine said.

The ETSB report was given by director Eric Raymond.

There were a total of 2,043 calls: 1,494 police, 103 fire, 292 ambulance, 127 change of quarters, 13 coroner, 14 animal control. There were 947 9-1-1 calls and 4,135 nonemergency calls.

Raymond said he’s short a telecommunicator and one telecommunicator was out on medical leave last month. There were 265.25 telecommunicator overtime hours used; Raymond was on the radio for 45 hours.

The probation report was delivered by Barb King.

There were six new admissions and 199 general caseload clients in the adult cases.

There were 22 sex offenders in the specialized courts and eight domestic violence clients. There were 35 administrative active and two inactive. Six cases were closed.

Eight investigative reports were done and one person is on GPS/alcohol monitoring.

As for public service work, two clients were added with 540 hours. Two clients completed work, completing 200 hours completes. There were 7,450 hours remaining.

As for juvenile cases, there were two new admissions, taking the general caseload client total to 41. There were eight pretrial pending/referral cases. Four cases were closed.

Five investigations were done.

One juvenile had a detention screening completed. One was detained, and was still in detention as of June 25.

For public service work, three clients were added with 96 hours. Three completed work, completing 96 work. There are 912 hours remaining.

The department monthly totals were one successful field contacts, 461 client office contacts, 13 investigations, and nine urinalysis and blood alcohol contents tests. There was a total caseload of 295.