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Photo by Wendy Davis

County board chairman John Shure reads through the policy and procedure committee report at Tuesday’s board meeting.

The Iroquois County Board approved a tax relating to cannabis at Tuesday’s meeting.

Information from the United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) about the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act was distributed by board member Chad McGinnis at the board’s policy and procedure committee meeting.

According to the minutes of the meeting, “The information includes age restrictions, licensing, taxing, zoning, enforcements, business regulations and county employees.”

A lot of this will be looked at by a subcommittee said board chairman John Shure.

Tuesday, the board approved the sales tax to put it in place, as it needs to be to the Department of Revenue by the end of the month.

He provided a sample ordinance to be approved by the committee; it had been reviewed by the states attorney.

The committee approved the sample ordinance, using it as a guide for Iroquois County, establishing a cannabis retailers’ occupation tax in the county at the following rates: 3.75 percent of gross receipts from sales in unincorporated areas of the county and 0.75 percent of gross receipts of sales made in a municipality with a cannabis ordinance.

The committee also discussed the need to implement sexual harassment training, as per the Workplace Transparency Act. The bill requires every employer enact a training program for all employees and contract workers effective Jan. 1, 2020. The training must be done on an annual basis, and new hires have to have it done within 30 days of hiring. There’s question on whether it should be done in building or if it can be done web based.

This will remain on the agenda for further information.

Also at the county board meeting, appointments were listed.

Drainage district appointments approved were Richard F. Yates, Iroquois Drainage District 1; Harlan Ziebart, Union Drainage District 1; Robert Nagele, Sheldon Drainage District 1; Roger Schumacher, Artesia and Ridgeland Drainage District 3; Brad Breymeyer, Pond Lily Drainage District; David Paupel, Beaver Drainage District 1; Dean Lemenager, Iroquois Drainage District 2; Gordon Seggebruch, Union Mutual Drainage District 3; Gary L. Teske, Artesia Drainage District 3; Wyatt Tammen, Ashkum Danforth Drainage District; Douglas A. Walder, Fountain Creek Drainage District 2; Kenneth Redeker, Crescent, Onarga, and Ash Grove Mutual Drainage District; Leland Shrimplin, Concord Drainage District 1; Tom Roselius, Shavetail Drainage District; Ronald Wagner, Onarga Drainage District 4; Jerry Nims, Onarga Drainage District 2; Karen Jean, Union Drainage District 2; Cal Bauer, Pigeon Creek Drainage District; Steve Wright, Bergan, Goodman, and Taylor Drainage District; Karl Knauth, Belmont Drainage District 1; John D. Lubben, Middleport Drainage District 1; Michael Ruder, Martinton and Iroquois Drainage District; Gordon Seggebruch, Onarga Drainage District 6; Michael Crowley, Ridgeland Drainage District 2; Terry Brutlag, Crescent Drainage District 1; Mickie J. Hagen, Eastburn Drainage District 2; Daren Depatis, Beaver Drainage District 3; Werner Janssen, Crescent-Iroquois Drainage District 2; Dean Henrichs, Artesia Drainage District 4; and John Arnold, Martinton Drainage District 4.

Finally, the county board set up a finance committee meeting date of 10 a.m. Sept. 20 to review the proposed FY20 budget figures.