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Photo by Wendy Davis

Watseka Mayor John Allhands shows county board members Charles Alt and Paul Bowers a map describing flooding along Grant Street.

The Iroquois County Board can help alleviate a flooding issue in Watseka.

Mayor John Allhands was at Monday’s management services committee to talk about the pooling of water which happens on the west side of Grant Street. The small portion of land is owned by the county.

Allhands said there’s 7-8 properties around Loveridge Lane, one of which is his, that are affected. Water has been getting into his basement, he said.

He said he’s talked with county maintenance supervisor Chris Drake about it, and it was figured a drain could help — eight inch PVC tiling.

“The county doesn’t have the equipment to maintain it,” said committee chairman Lyle Behrends. Allhands said the city does.

The city workers could put it in, as well, he said.

The cost to the county is $7,840, which was half the cost of the materials.

Allhands said he would talk with Watseka city attorney Joe Cainkar on drafting an intergovernmental agreement addressing which entity would maintain it, and states attorney Jim Devine would look at it.

Drake said, “We want the water to go away.”

County board chairman John Shure asked if a berm could help.

Allhands said that’s been thought about about but creating such could just push the water elsewhere.

Drake gave his monthly report; this month’s report had good news.

He said insurance has offered a new roof on the courthouse. The insurance claim was filed after storm damage in May. After the $1,000 deductible insurance would take care of the rest. It’s an emergency situation, thus the bidding process isn’t needed.

The new roof plan isn’t exactly like the current roof. Drake said the plan is to install one layer of dense deck sheeting on top of the old roof. It’s a white TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing system, still rubber but it’s white not black.

The warranty on this 15 years just like if it were a new roof, Drake said.

Work should begin this month.

A new roof was on the five-year capital improvements list. Now, it can be taken off and something else can fill the spot. The committee discussed putting the north parking lot at the courthouse in its place.

As for the energy efficiencies Smart Watt has been working on, Drake said they’re “moving right along”.

The 75 percent of the wiring has been completed on the chiller system at the courthouse and 80 percent of the piping is done on the jail’s plumbing. At the administrative center about 50 percent of the new LED lighting is in place.