The village of Clifton had its regular meeting at 7 p.m. June 10. President Andrew Winkel called the meeting to order.

Members present were Winkel, Trustees Chris Sifrit, Randy Gigl, Paul Hess, Mike Benscoter, and Joe Kolosky. Members absent were Tracy Mitchell.

Also present were clerk Shannon James, treasurer Sandra Tammen, pool manager Jane Miller, police chief Jim Lehmkuhl, maintenance supervisor Tim Kent, and reporter Kathy Washington.

Minutes from the last meeting were motioned and approved.

The maintenance department would like to install boarders around the main park and Gerdez Park to hold in mulch, 250 feet each. Kent will have quotes available for the next local improvement committee meeting for consideration, according to the minutes of the meeting.

A meeting with Representative Tom Bennett, his assistant, and IDOT representatives were discussed. It was said that the meeting provided no new information regarding Main Street repair. Main Street is a non-designated state route and does not meet the criteria to receive money for repair. It is not in the foreseeable future that Main Street will get the work it needs. Representatives again discussed jurisdictional transfer. Simply put, in the event of jurisdictional transfer, IDOT would repair some of the roadway to good condition and then hand over ownership and responsibility of the road to the village.The financial burden in that situation is too great for the village. It is estimated the road would last twenty years with regular maintenance and then need to be replaced at an approximate cost of $900,000. In those twenty years the road would likely require an additional $500,000 in maintenance.

An expense not to exceed $2,000 for Lincoln Avenue was discussed. The Lincoln Avenue berm washed away during a storm earlier this year. Gigl spoke with Norma Meier who reported she has had no problems with water since the village installed tile through the field and therefore does not have a problem with making that an open ditch rather than reconstructing the berm. Kent relayed that when the berm was washed away,the water went to the catch basin and through, not to the field. Water may occasionally still go to Gerdez Park but goes away quickly. Haley’s may purchase the previously installed tile back from the village. This was unanimously approved.

An expense not to exceed $7,500 for John Deere 755 utility tractor was presented and discussed. Kent purchased the tractor earlier this year for less than that amount and has offered it to a local dealer or to the village for the purchase price of $7,500. If sold to a dealer, the village may still have the opportunity to purchase the tractor from that establishment before it is sold elsewhere. The tractor reportedly would sell for near $9,000. The board discussed whether or not to keep the old tractor which is thought to be worth approximately $1,500.00 but is still useful to the maintenance department. Pros and cons of keeping/selling the old tractor as well as benefits of a newer tractor were discussed. It was mentioned that an elected official may have encountered trouble for personally buying something and then selling it to the municipality to which he was elected. Members expressed concern regarding breaking a law that is unknown to them and the possibility that it may be better off purchasing a different tractor to avoid risk to anyone even if the tractor purchase results in a greater expense. The board would like to seek guidance from the village attorney to ensure any purchase, whether it be from a dealer or Kent,is done correctly and legally. This was put to vote with Benscoter and Gigl voting yes, and Kolosky, Sifrit, and Hess voting no. This motion was unapproved.

Clinton Hoaks will graduate from the academy on June 14, ride with the Watseka Police Department for two weeks, and then be placed on the village police department schedule.

The replacement of basketball poles, backboards, rims, and hoops at a cost not to exceed $12,000 was discussed. The sets selected total just under $6,200 so the proposed amount is more than what is necessary. It is unclear what will be needed to remove and replace the units in the concrete therefore potential cost was built in. Discussion was had on abuse of playground equipment. This was unanimously approved.

The authorization to install two 300 gallon fuel tanks at the Wastewater Treatment Plant was discussed. FS provides the tanks free of charge with a signed lease that does not allow the village to fill the tanks with fuel other than that which is provided by FS. Discussion was had on safety and security of the tanks. Kent discussed procedures that will be put in place to help ensure both. Village vehicles, tractors, and generators will be able to be filled with the tanks. Ashkum squad will be excluded. It is hoped the village will save in the range of 40 plus cents per gallon. This was unanimously approved.

Hess relayed changes made to the Sidewalk Replacement Reimbursement Application/Permit which removes the application requirement of board approval but keeps approval by Local Improvement Committee Chair and Building Inspector. Board approval is not required by ordinance.

Pool manager Jane Miller briefed the board on pool activities so far this summer.

Tammen presented the Treasurer’s Report, pointing out the village has had forty golf carts registered so far this summer for a total of $1,000.00. The report was accepted and approved unanimously.

Tammen presented the listing of bills to be paid calling particular attention to an almost double increase in the amount of the Wex bill (fuel) due to increased fuel usage and fees. It was unanimously approved to pay the bills as presented.

The village president reminded new trustees that they have 90 days from taking the oath of office to complete the Open Meetings Act training and file a certificate of completion with the village office.

The Comcast Franchise Agreement Ordinance and Authorization (2019-02) was presented. The agreement extends the contract until June 10, 2029. This was accepted and unanimously approved.

An expense was discussed not to exceed $1,500 and Resolution (2019-03) to accept donation of Lions’ Club Ball Diamonds and complete all steps necessary for legal transfer of the parcel from Lions’ Club to Village. Discussion was held on whether changes in responsibility or maintenance would occur with the change in ownership. Winkel said he will schedule a meeting with the little league to ensure the village and the league are on the same page in that regard. This was unanimously approved.

An expense was discussed not to exceed $2,000 for re-certified Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the pool/park as required by state statute. Quotes for a new ($1,755) and re-certified ($925) AED from Air One Equipment were presented. The village would also need to purchase pads at a quoted cost of $120. This was unanimously approved.

A question regarding whether non-residents can use golf carts/utv’s within the village limits was asked. Lehmkuhl answered that application and registration must be made at the village office and if the unit passes inspection, a sticker can be issued for use on village streets in accordance with the slow moving vehicle ordinance.