The Central Comets advanced in the 2A playoff after defeating the Unity Mustangs 62-28 Saturday afternoon at home.

“I couldn’t be more proud, and I’m happy we’re moving on to the second round,” said Comets head coach Brian Spooner.

“I think our kids played very well. Offensively, we put up a lot of points and a lot of those were on big plays. Our offensive line did an outstanding job and our run game was spot on,” said Spooner, citing senior quarterback Jay Lemenager and junior Garrett Graham with having high yardage. “When those guys block up front it makes the offense run so much better. It give Jay a lot of time to throw the ball, as well.” There was more than 200 yards in passing.

It starts with them, he said.

“Defensively, we gave up the early touchdown but our kids responded to that. I think it kind of made them mad, and we played much better after that.”

The Mustangs started the game with a penalty on their kickoff.

The Comets’ first play had Jacob Shoven receiving a 30-yard pass. On the next play Lemenager took the ball into the end zone, and Chandler Burrow got the extra point.

Two minutes later is when the Mustangs got their first points on the board with junior Benet Duesterhaus taking the ball in. When the tried for their extra point, the Mustangs got an illegal procedure call; the second kick was no good.

The score was 7-6.

Lemenager again ran the ball in for a touchdown with 6:52 on the clock. When the team went for two extra points, they were denied.

Caleb Toberman got the first of his sacks in the first, pushing the Mustangs back in yards. Unity would eventually lose the ball on yards, and Central would get the ball taking it first down by first down down the field to the two-yard line. A penalty would take them back to the 14, before a pass would get them to first and goal.

With a minute and a half in the quarter, Lemenager would get another touchdown. With no extra point earned the quarter ended at 19-6.

On the second play of the second quarter Unity’s Jacob Presser intercepted Lemenager’s pass.

That possession didn’t last long as Shoven intercepted the Mustangs’ pass at the Comets 30-yard line.

At 10:23 Lemenager would throw to Shoven taking the ball 65 yards down the field. With the extra point the score was 26-6.

Two plays later Central would again intercept a Mustangs’ pass at the Central 45-yard line.

At 6:26 Shoven would get another touchdown, and the extra point was earned. Score was 32-6.

Toberman, at the 4:50 mark, got another big sack and the Mustangs were at fourth and long. On the Mustangs’ kick a the team got another penalty for an illegal kick. The ball was now at the Comets’ 60.

Mustangs would intercept the Comets’ next pass, taking possession of the ball again. That possession lead to a fumble taking the team to second and 14. By the fourth down the team was needing to gain 41 yards. The kick to the ball to the Mustang 35-yard line.

At 2:22 Lemenager had a 35-yard run for a touchdown and Burrow got the extra point.

A minute later the Mustangs got their second touchdown and two extra points.

The scoring wasn’t done. With 58 seconds on the clock Lemenager had a 55-yard run and the extra point was earned.

Mustangs had the ball with less than a minute on the clock in the first half. On their first play Burrow intercepted the pass at the 39-yard line.

Lemenager would pass to Shoven, taking the ball to the 15.

With 16 seconds in the half Graham ran the ball into the end zone. The extra kick was no good.

The Comets would end the half with the ball, as Seth McDivitt would get an interception, but he was unable to make it to the end zone.

The half ended at 52-14.

The third quarter was a quiet one for the Comets. The Mustangs got their third TD with about a minute left. Duesterhaus scored for six. There was an incomplete pass for the two-point conversion.

It was a quiet quarter for the Comets but the team did answer the Mustangs TD with their own. Two plays after receiving the ball, Lemenager ran the ball into the end zone as the clock hit zero, and the extra point was earned.

Quarter ended at 50-20.

At 9:11 in the fourth quarter, Burrow celebrated a 31-yard field goal kick.

The Mustangs couldn’t get enough for a come back. With 3:18 remaining Mustang Cecil Hunt earned the team’s final touchdown and the two-point conversion was earned.

The final score was 62-28.

This weekend’s game will be against the Mercer County Golden Eagles, again a home game for the Comets.

“We have history with Mercer County. This will be the fourth time we played them. We’re 2-1 with them. We lost a big one in the semi finals in 2012. It’s an opportunity for us to continue to play. They’re a well coached team.

“We’ll have to continue to work hard all week and prepare to get ready for that game.”