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Later this month, Morgan James will be graduating from university, and she will have done that having received a high honor.

James, a graduate of Central High School, is receiving the Hines Memorial Medal as she graduates from Indiana State University.

“The Hines Medal is presented to students who entered Indiana State as first-time college freshman and are graduating with the highest cumulative grade point average during their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. It is named after Linnaeus Hines, who was the university’s fourth president, 1921-1933, and served two terms as Indiana superintendent of public instruction,” according to information from the school.

She’s earning her degree in human resources development, and she’s in the honors college. As an incoming freshman, she was selected to receive the prestigious President’s Scholarship, which pays for in-state tuition and housing for four years.

James said, “Earning the Hines Memorial Medal proves that hard work and dedication can pay off and possibly in ways you would not necessarily expect. I began my college career working diligently towards excellent grades so that I did not endanger the President’s Scholarship I was honored to be awarded. As I continued on it became my goal to earn Latin Honors at graduation, specifically Summa Cum Laude, graduating with a grade point average of 3.90 or higher. My family, friends, university faculty and staff have provided an abundance of support to reach those goals. I am elated that the final result is earning the Hines Memorial Medal and am happy to share this honor with them.”

She said she had heard about the Hines Memorial Medal having known previous winners and seeing their photos hanging in the university halls. “The Hines Memorial Medal was not something I was specifically striving for. Although I am and have been very dedicated to my studies, I did not expect to be recognized for it. In fact, I just casually mentioned it to my family after receiving the notification. Upon further investigation, we realized what an honor it is.”

The provost of the university is who had told her she earned the Hines Memorial Medal, and the staff at Indiana State University most notably professors, the human resource development department chair, the dean of the college of technology, and the dean of the honors college all have given her the congratulations the honor deserves.

“I chose Indiana State University because the campus is beautiful and feels like home,” James said. “Through my studies and participation in Honors College and Student Government Association, I met many wonderful faculty and staff who had a huge impact on me. I don’t think I can point to just one that stood out above the others — they were all great and truly wanted me to succeed.”

She’ll receive the medal at commencement Dec. 14, and her family will be front and center getting to see the recognition. “They have all provided a considerable amount of support and encouragement throughout my education, I am proud to have them right there with me.”

James is the daughter of Justin and Shannon James.

Her future includes working in human resources at Cummings, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, in Neillsville, Wisconsin, in January, as she had an internship with the company last summer in the world headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.