Time Capsule

Photo contributed

Members of Jody Munsterman’s fourth grade class at Crescent City Grade School recently filled and buried a time capsule. This is an annual project where students pack mementos which will be dug up at a Fireball Festival close to the time they graduate high school. From left to right are: Skylar Sanders, Brielle Berry, Grace Robinson, Kinzie Smith, Seth Dirks, Danica Lemenager and Victoria Milk.

Many teachers and students have varied events and activities at the end of the school year which add to the busy schedule of getting ready for summer break. Crescent City Grade School’s 4th grade teacher, Jody Munsterman, and her students are no exception. With keeping an annual event, the students packed up several school year mementos and put them in a time capsule, which was buried on school property.

In past years, many of the time capsules were dug up at the time of graduation; however, since it is so hard to get students together as seniors as they attend up to three different schools, Munsterman changed the time the capsules are dug up. Starting a couple years ago, the capsules are now dug up during Crescent City’s Fireball Festivals – generally the one closest to the year the students graduate high school. This year’s class will be the Class of 2027 so this time capsule will be exhumed during Fireball Festival 2030. Fireball Festival takes place every five years as a way for the community to celebrate its recovery and regrowth after the devastating 1970 Fathers’ Day train derailment/explosion.

Each person in the classroom puts special keepsakes and such into the capsule. Here is what was buried this year: Munsterman included artwork her students created for her throughout the year, along with class pictures and newspaper articles; Brielle Berry included a picture of herself and a Cubs ring; Seth Dirks added a plate and photos to the capsule; and Kinzie Smith put in a painted butterfly, a rock, orbies, a picture and a donut squishy.

Danica Lemenager added a picture of her brother and sister (twins Quintyn and CaroLynn), a sticker of her siblings, teal slime, Lego’s and a bath bomb; Victoria Milk put in her favorite book, a lucky horse, a fair ribbon and graphite pictures; Grace Robinson included graffiti, lotto items, some books, and an American Heart Association keychain; and Skylar Sanders included her History on Parade certificate, graffiti, a tin, a TV owl and lotto items.