Each year, as the holidays approach, the students at Crescent City Grade School are asked to share Christmas writings. These can be memories, poems, wish lists or stories the students create to enjoy the season. The following are items they came up with this year.

PARKER WOLFE – 4th Grade — Poem:

Parker is on his best behavior


Enjoying family


Enjoying figgy pudding

Night time

Time with grandparents


BLAKE RITZMA – 8thGrade – Memory:

My worst but yet best Christmas ever was when I had the flu on Christmas day. I was up at 5 a.m. throwing up. I finally went back to sleep at about 6 a.m. and woke up around nine. I felt a little better but I was still a little queasy, and my grandma, grandpa and Mom were already up. I saw a lot of presents under the tree, a remote control car, Magic Treehouse books, a pair of shoes, a new basketball, and some other stuff I can’t remember. I ate some breakfast and opened my presents, and when I was done a friend of ours that cuts my hair, Tami, came to our house and was holding a present.

I opened it and it was a four-wheeler helmet. I had been asking for a 4-wheeler for a long time and I had finally gotten one. I was extremely excited and my parents told me to get dressed in warm clothes. We all went outside and my grandpa opened the shed, and sitting there was a 110 4-wheeler! It wasn’t a Honda like I have now, but it was super cool to me. I put my helmet on and my grandpa fired it up, and I was about to get on it when suddenly I felt sick again. I quickly unstrapped my helmet and went to the side of the garage and threw up again.

I put my helmet on again, got on the 4-wheeler and started riding around the yard. My Mom even has a video of me riding on her Facebook and in the background you can hear my grandpa saying, “Slow down a little buddy.”

After that, every day I didn’t have school I was up, waiting to ride at 10 a.m. Every day I had school, I rode after I got home and did my homework, if I had any. I soon figured out there was a screw in the throttle that made it have less or more throttle. I unscrewed it and my grandpa saw that I was going faster than normal. He found out that I unscrewed it and wasn’t too fond of the idea. I was grounded from my 4-wheeler for a couple of days and was sitting inside counting the days like it was prison. Finally, I was ungrounded and could take to the trails again.


When Santa visited Crescent City on Dec. 8, several children visited with him and made their requests known. Here are some of what was asked for:

Gabby Kohl, 10, of Rankin, a laptop; Emma Merrill, 9, of Crescent City, a hoverboard; Annabeth Rippe, 6, a trampoline; Trevor Martin, 7, Crescent City, Lego’s; Carter Robinson, 3, Crescent City, a pizza oven; Hunter Barnett, 3, Watseka, a lawn mower and car house; Harper Wichtner, 5, Gilman, a Nintendo system; Shayne Warren, 7, Crescent City, beyblades; Drake Rabe, 9, Watseka, PS4 games; Lani Merrill, 4, Crescent City, a reindeer; Kaysen Medina, 7, new clothes; Eli Stanley, 5, Crescent City, a Hatchimal; Victoria Milk, Crescent City, a puppy; Grace Robinson, Crescent City, a scooter; Stephanie Barnett, 12, Watseka, a fitbit; Bennett Legan, 6, Paw Patrol stuff; and Ashley Barnett, 9, Watseka, a hoverboard.

DANICA LEMENAGER – 5th grade – Poem:

With a flash of my eye I see a box

A big one indeed, as huge as an ox!

My Mom said “Wait, take a drink and plate.”

I ate so fast that my tummy hurt, and ran quickly, tripping over the tree skirt!

Mom yelled, “Stop!” – sounding like a cop.

At the table sitting down I found myself a bit too wound.

Mom stood and passed my big box – knew it was last.

Can’t stand it any long, ready to erupt

A little noise – open it – a baby pup!

EMMA MERRILL – 4th Grade – Poem:

With my family

In a warm home

No homework

That we all have fun

Enjoying time with family

Riding downhill

Break from school

Riding with friends

Enjoying time with friends

At home

Kim is helpful, kind, caring and nice

Open presents

Nice having fun


Hot chocolate

Riding home

I’m going to play



More fun

At my Papa’s house

Sleeping in.

TRAEH KISSACK – 6th Grade – Story:

“The Funniest Christmas Coincidence: On the morning of Christmas Eve I was up early, ready to get my hands on the curly bow of the present. When everyone was ready, I tore open the present. Lying in my unsteady and shaking hands was an iPhone. I couldn’t believe it. Then I looked to see what my siblings got – my brother was looking at a lot of granola bars. He was laughing. I couldn’t believe it – an iPhone and granola bars. The difference was crazy, baffling. Well, from then on we know who the favorite child was!

SETH DIRKS – 5th Grade – Story:

What Christmas Means to Me: My sister and I waking up my Mom and Dad. Then we get our stockings and my parents stockings and open them on their bed. And when we are done my Dad goes downstairs and turns on the fireplace. Then my parents get their coffee and my sister Mallary and I play Santa. My sister will give us some presents then I will give them presents and when we are done we talk about how we think the morning went.

Then we go to my grandma’s and grandpa’s and when the whole family is there we open our stockings and then our presents and my sister and I do the same thing again. Then we eat food and hang out and play games, watch Christmas movies, and talk about how the Christmas morning was.

EVIE NIEBUHR – 4th Grade – Poem:

Cookie decorating

Helping others

Relaxing on Christmas in PJ’s

I am enjoying the happiness of others

Sipping hot chocolate by the fire

Thankful for helping others

Making others feel loved on Christmas

A happy family

Singing about Christ’s birthday

HANNAH KOLLMANN – 7th Grade – Memory:

My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was little and we were doing the Christmas play for church. I was asleep that year and I didn’t really want to do the play because I was shy. But I did it anyway. When I was walking back to the room, I gave my Dad a fist bump.

ZACH KLOPP – 7th Grade – Story:

What Is Christmas About? Most kids under the age of 10 think Christmas is all about getting gifts, toys and games, but that is not what Christmas is all about. Christmas is God’s birthday and the time of people coming together and having a good time with family members. So maybe instead of thinking that Christmas is all about gifts, on Christmas day you should wish God a happy birthday and thank him for everything we have. Merry Christmas to all!

JENNI TWIGGS – 8th Grade – Story:

The best thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. When I spend time with my family we make cookies. Peanut butter cookies for Dad, Anne’s mint cookies for me, chocolate chip cookies for my sister and my brothers, and Heath cookies for Liz. While we make these cookies we also make hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music. When we are done making cookies and hot chocolate, we get our sweets and our drinks and watch Christmas movies while putting up our Christmas tree. When we watch our Christmas movies every time a song came on we would sing and dance around like we are crazy, and that’s what I love the most about Christmas.

SKYLAR BENNETT – 5th Grade – Memories:

One Christmas all of my family members came together and we played, sung, danced, and at the end we had a big feast.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Christmas is great, and so are you!

Last Christmas I got a karaoke machine and my cousin and I didn’t know that it comes on full volume. So when we turned it on, everyone heard it, even in the basement!

SKYLER NORDER – 4th Grade – Poem:



Riding in Santa’s sleigh

Ice skating

Snow cones


Missing school


So cool

Riding a sled

Obey people



Snowball fights

KENLEIGH HENDERSHOT – 6th Grade – Memory:

My favorite memories are when I got a pocket knife and I was so happy and it was really cool. Also I got a paint set one year because I like to paint and color too. And I just love spending time with friends and family. And the snow is just so beautiful and so cold. But I love everything about winter except the cold. And I hope that I have more great memories this year.

BRIELLE BERRY – 5th Grade – Memory:

Last year Bentley almost knocked down my Christmas tree and it came back and hit him. I tried getting to him but by that time it was too late.

ELLIE RABE – 4th Grade – Story:

Tis the season to be jolly! My favorite holiday is, of course, Christmas. I like Christmas for a ton of reasons like eating cookies, opening presents, spending time with family and more stuff like that. But my most favorite moment is when everyone in my family got sick, besides me.

SYDNEY FRITZ – 7th Grade – Memory:

Remember a Christmas Eve morn on the 24th of December. Gathering around for snowy weather, ready to open just one present! Mom made steamy hot chocolate while Dad started a fire. Sugar cookies were on the table and gifts peeked out of the stockings. But the sun went down only at 8 so my sister and I had to wait. For the next morning we would see presents and family that brought us glee. Grandpa surprised my sister and I, we went out and had some fun. All good things must come to an end, a normal day is around the bend.

HUNTER WOLFE – 6th Grade – Story:

Christmas means to me that all families should get together and spend time together. On Christmas everyone should be happy and have fun to enjoy themselves opening presents, and to be happy you’re with the people you love. This is what Christmas means to me.

EMMA KLOPP – 4th Grade – Wish List:

My wish list is to get the big Harry Potter castle. I hope that my Mom and Dad get me a unicorn big lamp for my room. I also ask for a Harry Potter triple-decker bus leg. I hope my brother gets me a unicorn sticker for me to put on my wall.

EMMA JANSSEN – 6th Grade – Story:

One of my most funniest Christmases was when I woke up and let Georgia, my dog, to go to the bathroom. It snowed the night before so she played in it. She tried to climb a tree but snow fell on her – it was funny. After she was done we went back to the house. I stole some cookies and milk and shared them with Georgia!

CLAY SMITH – 8th Grade – Memory:

The best holiday I ever had was the time my family and I went on a trip to the Smoky Mountains for our Christmas vacation. We drove up to Pigeon Forge in the Smokies and rented a cabin. From the cabin you could see the rest of the mountains as well as many sites to explore, and places to go. Later, we saw all the busy tourist attractions, which were awesome. The four of us also went up a sky lift to the top of one of the mountains where we had the best view of all. We visited most of the shops and walked on some of the trails. But the worst part of the vacation was when we had to go home. But what a great trip and the best Christmas ever!

KENDAL HAMILTON – 4th Grade – Poem:

Caroling at my house in front of my family

Having fun with family

Riding a sleigh down a hill

Icing on cookies



Mary, Jesus’ mother

Asking for presents

Sitting around


Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

Elf hiding

Excitingly waiting for presents.

KIM RABE – Reporter:

I hope you enjoy these little tidbits from the CCGS students. I look forward to them each year because as I type them, it always brings back special Christmas memories for me. May this holiday season bring you much happiness and may you and yours make wonderful memories together. Merry Christmas!