Crescent City

Mayor Mark Rabe called the meeting of the Crescent City village board to order just before 7 p.m. March 2. Clerk Cathy Crego took roll call with all trustees (Kim Rabe, Jim Sorensen, Joe Belott, Steve Carley, Scott Dirks and Dennis Ritzma) present. Also present were treasurer Carolyn Rapp, ERH rep Amanda Belott and guest presenter Ben Roberson of Suez Asset Management. Village maintenance engineer Al Johnson came in just after roll call.

As the board had talked about the possibility of having a management company maintain the village’s water tower, Roberson’s presentation talked about the history of his company and the benefits of having a company manage the tower. His company, which maintains over 8,000 tanks nationally, would provide annual inspections, keep the tower up-to-date with the EPA, paint the tower when needed, etc.

Johnson gave the board his monthly report, which included an update on the school crossing light which seems to be charging now. He said the power washer isn’t working properly so the board gave him approval to purchase a new one. He and Sorensen talked about looking into new flags for the village, and the plan to have the flags up for Memorial Day through Fourth of July, then have them up again for about a week around Veterans’ Day. The board gave its approval to purchase 12 flags and the required hardware.

ERH rep Amanda Belott gave her work report, which included collecting and analyzing all required samples and submitting monthly operating reports, servicing equipment, responding to JULIE requests, replacing the poly flow tubing on the chlorine injector pump, cleaning the chlorine injector pump, replacing the spring assembly inside the chlorine injector, and rotating wells and high-service pumps. She said she will continue her efforts to contact residents where meters need to be repaired/replaced.

After some discussion, the treasurer’s report was accepted as presented. Discussion centered mainly on the properties for which the village receives utility bills, but also on some of the delinquent water bills.

Bills for the month were approved for payment and the minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Mayor Rabe was to meet with Tyson concerning the specs for the new bid for water meters, but that meeting will have to be postponed for now. Proposals from M&L Lawn Care for village properties were presented and discussed. All of the proposals were accepted by the board with the exception of the one pertaining to Storm Pond – the board isn’t sure what is needed at the pond so they would like to speak with M&L Lawn Care owner Greg Ikins to get more information.

The board discussed a contract for management of the water tower but with the upcoming expense of new water meters, that item was set aside for now.

Adjournment was at about 9:15 p.m., with the next meeting set for 7 p.m. Monday, April 6.