Crescent City

The Crescent City village board met Feb. 2, with Mayor Mark Rabe calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Clerk Cathy Crego took roll call with the following present: Joe Belott, Dennis Ritzma, Steve Carley, Kim Rabe and Jim Sorensen. Also present was treasurer Carolyn Rapp.

Jean Herron, president of the Crescent City Historical Society, was present to ask the board about a project the CCHS would like to do. The group would like to purchase 14 banners to hang on poles in downtown Crescent City. She is working with Steve Carley and the design will be the same as used by the Fireball Festival but no dates will be printed. That way, the banners can stay up for the most part of the year – the plan is to remove them when Christmas decorations go up and then have them put up when the decorations are taken down. Though there are still details to work out, the board gave its approval to the CCHS to begin this project.

John Shure, president of the Iroquois County board, was present and distributed flyers regarding a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13. This meeting will take place at Trinity Church, 1658 E. Walnut, Watseka, and is for the purpose of presenting a report of a flood study and work plan for the Iroquois River. The meeting will be presented by Christopher Burke Engineering and will last about 30 minutes. A question-and-answer session will follow regarding the establishment of the Iroquois County River Conservancy District. This item will be on the March 17th ballot.

Shure said a lot of talk has taken place over the past several years in regards to flooding, but no action. It is quite important now that something be done in order to alleviate flood damage. The four townships to be included are Concord, Belmont, Middleport and Iroquois. This organization would rely on taxes garnered from the four townships at a rate of about 0.83%, which, would amount to about a $41 increase in taxes on a $50,000 home.

Shure said Indiana and Illinois are now trying to work together to help ease the flooding which takes place. This alone is a huge step in getting the project started and working on issues which affect flooding.

Minutes of the Jan. 7 meeting were discussed and approved as presented.

Amanda Odette, ERH representative, was not able to attend the meeting but she did turn in a work report. For January, all required samples were collected and analyzed, with monthly operating reports submitted. Equipment was serviced and JULIE locate requests were handled. The water plant was cleaned and poly flow tubing on the chlorine injector pump was replaced. Joe Belott noted three meters haven’t been replaced and Al Johnson, maintenance engineer, is having problems reading them.

Carolyn Rapp distributed copies of the village’s financial report and the community center. Most of the past due water bills have been paid or have received some form of payment, but a couple still haven’t been responded to. She will send letters to the residents who haven’t given any response and if there is no action taken, the matter will be handed over to the village attorney.

The board officially approved for Rapp to be in charge of paying bills associated with the community center. Both treasurer reports were then approved and accepted by the board, followed by approval to pay the bills.

In new business, Mayor Rabe received another bid for work on the front of the community center, plus the work to be done on city hall was discussed. The board accepted bids for both jobs and Mayor Rabe will notify those businesses this week.

Mayor Rabe had met with a representative of Suez Water System consultants to discuss work on the water tower. A bid will be forthcoming for power washing and painting the tower, and they will submit a proposed contract to do upkeep and repair work on the tower on an annual basis. Rabe said he would be meeting with Darin Clarke to discuss the same work and a bid would be coming from his company also.

Bills were received for tree removal throughout the village and the board will now begin ordering trees to be planted. No word has been received from Tyson concerning new water meters, and doggie bags still need to be ordered for the park.

Crego discussed a credit card used by Johnson and it was approved by the board to get a debit card on the village’s bank account and cancel the credit card once the debit card is activated. Ordinance 20-02-03 was passed by the board, which extends authority to Ameren Illinois to go through the village to provide electricity.

The meeting was motioned for adjournment just before 9 p.m., with the next meeting set for 7 p.m. March 2.