Photo by Carla Waters

Cars line Ernest Grove Parkway in Watseka in June for the annual Steak and Shake Cruise. Similar cars will be taking part in a cruise July 4 that runs from Gilman through Crescent City, Wateska and Milford, as it ends in Kentland, Indiana.

Car and truck enthusiasts will take part in a cruise July 4 from Gilman to Kentland, Indiana.

Roger Dittrich, who organizes the Steak and Shake Cruisers in Watseka, said they have a group who will make the Gilman to Kentland trek starting at about 4 p.m. July 4.

The group will meet at the industrial park area in Gilman around 3:30 p.m. and the cruise will start at 4 p.m.

They will take U.S. 24 route through Crescent City and Watseka, where they will go south on Fourth Street past the Resident Home and Iroquois Memorial Hospital.

From there they will turn on Belmont Avenue to County Farm Road, where the cruisers will turn on Route 1 and head to Milford. From Milford they will had back north to U.S. 24 and then on to Kentland, where they will end up at Monical’s Pizza for dinner.

Dittrich said they continue to get people calling to say they want to take part in the cruise, so he is expecting a nice crowd.

This is one of the cruises the group is having this year. For the past several years the group has gathered on Ernest Grove Parkway in Watseka, which is next to Steak and Shake. Those events are the third Tuesday of the month every June, July, August and September. The latest of those cruises was in June, and drew 74 cars and eight motorcycles.