The public is invited to learn lots of history when the Iroquois County Genealogical Society presents its 7th annual cemetery walk. This year’s walk will be at 2 p.m. Sept. 8 and take place at Amity Cemetery, near Goodwine.

Some of the presenters and their topics are: Janet Anderson, who will explain the symbols on some of the headstones at the cemetery and talk about Eliza J. Hickman Wilson; DeeAnna Eckersley, who will give historical facts about the post offices, towns and cemetery; Charles Crow who will talk about Isaac Scott; Teri Edris will speak about Thelma Morgeson, and Ralph Butzow will give some history of the church. Other speakers and presenters are also slated.

There will be no people mover at the cemetery as the area is easy to maneuver. Most of the walk will be on the paved path but there will be some areas where you’ll have to be on the grass. Those who attend are urged to bring a hat or umbrella as there’s not a lot of shade. It is also suggested to wear old shoes (not sandals or new shoes) as the ground is dry and really dusty.

The ICGS is a non-profit organization but there will be a small admission fee as this event is one of their few fundraisers. The admission fee will include water, and a handicap port-a-potty will be available.

The cemetery is located at the intersection of 500N and 1900E Road. To get to the cemetery from the west, take the last left (heading east on 500N Road) south of Cissna Park, go past Claytonville, pass Goodwine and go through the curves – the cemetery is on the curves (intersection). If coming from the east, take Route 1 south of Milford about 4.5 miles, turn right (headed west) onto County Road 500N, and stay on that road for about 3.5 miles.

No parking is allowed on the road south of the cemetery or in the cemetery – the best place to park is on the west side.

For more information, call the ICGS office at 815-432-3730 (hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., through Friday), or send an email to