Photo by Wendy Davis

The Iroquois County Board Tax/Zoning Committee has its August meeting.

The Iroquois County Board Tax/Zoning Committee had its monthly meeting Tuesday morning, and department reports were given.

Treasurer Kurt Albers said his office is working on the first distribution of the tax monies collected. He said it should be done by next week. It has to be done, by statute, Aug. 16.

He noted that many people paid both the first and second installments of their property taxes with the first due date. Tax bills were sent out later than usual due to delays at the state level.

A total of $52.9 million was levied, he said.

So far, his office has taken in about $33 million.

County clerk Lisa Fancher talked about the tax deeds issue created by the county’s trustee, Ballingers. The issue stems from a misfiling of about 15 deeds, keeping those who purchased them from getting a clean deed.

She said states attorney Jim Devine had sent a letter to the buyers giving them options, and “We’ve heard back from almost everyone.” She said there’s a mix of those who want to give back the property and those who want to keep them.

She reminded the committee that it will need to find about $12,000 to deed back the properties to the people if this option is chosen. It won’t have to come from this fiscal year’s budget, she said. “It’ll be a little while before it happens.”

Fancher questioned if the county had any leverage to get Ballingers to give back the money it earned from the sale of the properties, as the error in getting the paperwork filed on time was Ballingers fault. “Things done incorrectly that they got paid for,” she said. The question should be asked of Devine, said the committee members.

She said work is being done to finish up the last tax deeds from the last properties Ballingers sold.

Fancher said she, and Albers, want to make sure the county enters into a contract with Joseph Meyers and Associates, the replacement for Ballingers, as soon as it’s able to.

As for zoning, there was no zoning report. Zoning administrator Bob Yergler was not at the meeting.

County board chairman John Shure pointed out that revisions to the solar ordinance have been sent to the states attorney. There’s could be a need for a zoning board of appeals hearing, too, to look over the changes, he said.