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EVERGREEN PARK — Inside his Evergreen Park garage, Bob Erlich lifts the lid from a glass aquarium. Careful not to disturb the lime green chrysalises hanging from it, he dips his hand inside and gently guides a black swallowtail butterfly into the world.

I have the good luck to spend part of the winter in Arizona, specifically Cave Creek, a small town located ten miles north of Phoenix. There’s only one major thoroughfare, the four-lane Cave Creek Highway, which is essentially Main Street. It runs into Carefree, a city of similar size, but i…

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You prefer the simplicity and the spending limit security of a debit card, but you also like the cash-back rewards associated with credit cards. Zero, a San Francisco financial startup, may have the perfect card for you.

The Zerocard is a unique blend of debit and credit card. Zero's full package is composed of a credit card, a corresponding checking account, and a mobile app that serves as an interface between the two. (The mobile app is currently only available on iOS, but an Android version is expected by August 2019.)

To get the hybrid credit and debit card experience, you must activate the automatic payment feature. Instead of accumulating charges like a typical credit card, Zerocard simply deducts the charged amount from your Zero Checking account. The app allows you to track both the charges and your net checking account balance in real time.

You'll still ...

Understanding Credit vs. Debit Cards

Surprise! Debit Cards Have Fees

Why Credit Cards Are So Popular

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By Amy Beardsley

Are you thinking of applying for a credit card? You're in good company with over half a million Americans submitting a new credit card application every day according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Applying for a credit card is simple but getting approved isn’t so easy. Both your credit score and your self-esteem can take a hit if your application is denied. To increase your chances of being approved, we present the best tips from top credit experts on what not to do when applying for a new credit card.

1. Ignore your credit report

Miguel A. Suro, Miami attorney and personal finance writer at The Rich Miser, says knowing what's on your credit report is key. He states, "It's important to check your credit report and score before applying for credit cards so you can (1) c...

Instant Approval Credit Cards

The 3 Easiest Credit Cards You Could Have

Credit Card Application Denied? Don't Take It Personally

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Millennials are supposed to be the cautious generation where credit is concerned. Many were burned during the housing crisis and Great Recession and vowed not to be overextended with credit. However, evidence is growing that millennials are headed down the same dangerous credit path as previous generations.

While millennials do have lower average credit card balances, recent surveys have shown worrying credit trends among millennials – including increased credit utilization and a tendency to buy things just to chase rewards points.

A new survey reinforces these trends. According to the survey, millennials...

More Americans Defaulting On Credit Cards

Credit Card Limits Tightening

Why Are Millennials Avoiding Credit Cards?

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Are you planning to retire within the next 10 to 15 years? If so, are you ready to take retirement preparedness to the next level?

Retirement is no longer an abstract concept when you reach your 50s. It's important to take a closer look at your financial plans now, while you have time to make any corrections. Consider these five steps to ensure the retirement of your dreams – or at least avoid the retirement of your nightmares.

1. Outline Your Retirement Goals – What do you really want to do when you retire? Buy a retirement home on the beach? Travel abroad? Start an expensive hobby? It's time to figure out how to pay for those goals.

Lay out your primary retirement goals and estimate the major expenses associated with them. Place those expenses on a timeline spread throughout your retirement. You now have an estimate of how your cash flow needs will change because of your retirement plans.

2. Rethink Your Expenses –</...

What's Holding Up Your Retirement Savings? It's You.

How Much Income Will You Need For Retirement?

7 Top Retirement Roadblocks

Singer Miley Cyrus, former President Bill Clinton and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres are among the celebrities who’ve adopted a plant-based diet. Athlete Novak Djokovic, who recently won the men’s singles at this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, is the latest celeb catching waves over his plant diet.

There are several well-known factors that contribute to aging: smoking, stress, sun exposure and genetics, among them. But what you may not realize is what you put on your plate can also cause you to look beyond your year. 

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LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy falsely claimed last week he was shot by a sniper at the Lancaster sheriff's station. He'll now be the subject of a criminal investigation, officials said late Saturday. The dramatic twist in the case came after days of fruitless searches for a gunman who authorities believed had shot the deputy. The incident prompted a massive police ...

NEW YORK - Gov. Andrew Cuomo's got the National Rifle Association's top gun squarely in his legal crosshairs. New York officials last week slapped Wayne LaPierre, the powerful gun group's chief executive, with a subpoena as their legal feud escalates, a source close to the case told the Daily News on Saturday. Investigators with the state Department of Financial Services want to know what ...

WASHINGTON - Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said not to take literally President Donald Trump's characterization of the U.S. Federal Reserve chief as an enemy on par with China's leader. Mnuchin, speaking on "Fox News Sunday" from the Group of Seven meeting in Biarritz, France, also said the U.S. isn't facing a slowdown and that the inverted yield curve - often a leading indicator of a ...

AMMAN, Jordan - A pair of Israeli drones went down in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Sunday morning, according to officials and eye witnesses, in what appeared to be another salvo in Israel's expanding campaign against Iran and its regional affiliates. In recent weeks, Israeli forces have reportedly attacked a base in Iraq being used by Iranian forces as well as locations in Syria that ...

The sustainable design of Kankakee Community College’s newest building has earned the college a $150,000 grant, and status as a LEED Gold-certified building, according to a news release.

The CICHS Class of 1969 recently met for its 50th reunion. Pictured are, back: Myrna Creek, Rick Leiding, Mr. Deany, Gary Storm, Russ Wienrank, Terry Sather (behind Russ), Mike Bleich, Nyla (Carlson) Smith, Gayleen (Storm) Callahan, Martin Wessels (behind Nyla), Tim Dorsey and Mr. Wick; fron…

The Community Foundation of Kankakee River Valley has announced the first grant cycle for the Robert K. Dunn Perpetual Charitable Trust Fund. The donor-advised fund was established by the trustees of Mr. Dunn’s estate in 2016, according to a news release from the foundation. The trustees wil…