If you are looking for activities and educational materials for your children or grandchildren before the school year begins, the Vermilion County Conservation District has a limited quantity of their Backyard Adventure Camp bags available for purchase. The reusable canvas bag can be personalized with your child’s name and includes five days of activities, crafts, educational materials, and more to connect children with nature.

Backyard Adventures bag includes an insect collecting jar they can decorate and an insect collecting net, a pair of binoculars, a birdhouse with washable paint, make-your-own-kite, flashlight, kindling sticks for a campfire, star constellation identification cards, and a glow stick. Kids can also dissect an owl pellet, create a sundial to tell time, identify clouds, feed the birds with a pinecone and birdseed project, and more!

The bag may be purchased for $40.00 by calling Lara Danzl at 217-442-1691 or email ldanzl@vccd.org. Due to the limited quantity, we cannot hold bags for more than 72 hours without payment.