The Vermilion County Conservation District is offering three types of archery hunts for 2019: lottery zones, live auction, and sealed bids for special areas.

Tickets for the lottery hunt weeks and zone areas are still available until July 19, $25 per ticket or five for $100.

Ticket applications and hunt information may be found at: Forest Glen Visitor Center, Kennekuk Visitor Center, and Applications and sealed bids must be postmarked by July 13.

The auction, bid openings and lottery drawing will be held on Sunday, July 21; 1 p.m. at the Gannett Outdoor Education Center, Forest Glen Preserve.

The live auction and sealed bid hunts will begin at 1 p.m.; the drawing for lottery hunt weeks and zones will follow.

For more information, call Cole Craft, hunt manager at 217-662-2142.