Once upon a time, in a land of grace and beauty, there lived a wise king, and a beautifully adorned queen. They were happy and merry. They were also quite lonely. They longed to have children in their lives.

On a glorious spring morning, a fairy of pure golden light came to the king and queen.

She floated through the master bedroom window. The king and queen awoke. The royal couple gasped in shock, for they had never seen a fairy before! The king and queen trembled in fear, not sure what to think about this mythical creature. The fairy swore she meant no harm. She knew of the couples’ longing for a child. The fairy, in her goodness, simply wanted to reward the wise rulers for showing kindness and generosity to their subjects.

The fairy was suddenly surrounded by shimmering light. She held out her hand to the royal couple. In her hand was a key made of midnight stardust. It was a silvery key — smooth and dainty. It felt cool and tingly to the human touch.

The fairy placed the silver key into the queen’s outstretched hand. She told the queen to walk outside into the royal garden and there the queen would find a chest covered in thick, green vines.

“Twist the key into the hole and pry open the chest,” the fairy whispered. “Then you will find what you so desire.” The queen, not knowing what she might find, obeyed. She took the key to the garden. Her husband followed close behind.

Much to her surprise, far in the back of the garden, the queen did find a chest. It was just like the fairy had described! The chest was covered with twisty green vines. The queen reached out her hand to pull back some vines. The chest looked old. It was made of wood with leather trim. Together the king and queen pulled and tore at the thick vines until they could see the lock.

The eager couple opened the chest and a blast of sunlight emerged, almost blinding the king and queen! The king was the first to peek in. He cried out with joy! The queen peeked over her husband’s shoulder. She gasped. Their kindness was rewarded indeed! Inside the chest they saw two little boys. The boys were covered in golden fairy dust!

The couple scooped up the boys and raced back to the bedroom to thank the fairy;

however, when they returned to the room they found that the fairy had disappeared! The queen and king were puzzled with the departure of the fairy and sad that they were not able to thank her, but they were also joyous!

The royal couple named the boys, Juan and Estreail. The king had a huge dinner party thrown the next day. All the dukes, duchesses and earls attended the marvelous party. The baby boys were given gifts to celebrate their arrival into the kingdom.

Everybody was well and happy!

The family kingdom lived in peace and prosperity for many years.

The boys were adventurous children, always pretending to go on quests. As time passed the princes grew to become valiant soldiers and humble young men. They set out from the kingdom on real adventures. They chose simple lives and did not wish to rule the kingdom.

The king, however grew older. He became sick and frail, and the royal court decided that Juan needed to take the throne. Preparations were made. A new king would be coronated; however, just as was Juan was about to be crowned king of Gavilen, a terrible storm approached the castle. The wind grew strong and fierce. The sky became dark. Evil was approaching. A terrible high-pitched shrieking noise filled the air. Suddenly, a wild wind swirled through the castle.

It was a dark wizard. His name was Baltimore. Baltimore tornadoed into the great hall. Baltimore’s evil, over time had made his body twisted and ugly. Baltimore envied the prince’s stunning charm and beauty and goodness; he wished to strip Juan of those gifts by making him ugly!

Men and women screamed and cowered in fear. Baltimore landed atop the balcony of the great hall. He peered down at Juan. Juan’s anger moved his hand to his sword. He wanted to strike at Baltimore. Baltimore saw Juan’s anger and laughed at him.

“Foolish boy! You dare to threaten the dark wizard Baltimore with your tiny sword!”

Baltimore’s voice echoed through the great hall. Juan’s gaze did not turn from Baltimore’s eyes.

Baltimore continued, “I am here to unleash a curse! Not just on the kingdom of Gavilen, but on someone else…” Baltimore paused momentary. “YOUR BELOVED PRINCE!!!” The royal court panicked. Baltimore screamed. “He shall take the form of a savage beast FOREVER!”

Citizens gasped in shock at this horrific news. The king demanded the guards seize

Baltimore, but Baltimore just snickered and tornadoed back out of the room leaving the court in chaos.

Juan raced toward the balcony with his sword, but a stinging pulse made him crumble to the floor. Juan cried out.“What? What’s happening to me?” Estreail raced to his brother’s side but Juan harshly pushed Estreail away. Juan didn’t want to hurt his twin brother. The young prince hands fell to his heart, which was glowing vibrantly. Juan was losing control of himself…

Suddenly, Juan’s body transformed into a savage beast. He looked wolf-like, huge and hunkering, drooling foam everywhere! Unable to control himself, Juan (now the beast

Dysnomia) roared and charged furiously at his parents, killing them both with a single swipe! He turned toward the royal court and knocked down a torch with his claw; the royal carpet flamed immediately sending citizens everywhere screaming and panicking! Women tripped and fell.

Men gave way. Anyone who lagged behind was violently eaten by Dysnomia.

Estreail, raced up to the people and jumped into action. He ran to rescue royal maids in

the court and helped them out of the castle. As he frantically attempted to save the people, he found a beautiful maiden limping her way to a tree. Estreail rushed to her. He grabbed the maiden and placed her on his horse.

Dysnomia raced to Estreail and struck his brother’s arm with his claw. Estreail staggered back in pain. Reaching for his sword, he slashed his brother’s eye. Roaring with fury, Dysnomia retreated and ran off into the dark woods.

Estreail crawled over to his horse. Tears filled his eyes and despair was in his heart. His parents were dead. His home was gone. His brother was savage. The kingdom of Gavilen was burning. All he had was his horse and an injured maiden. With tears in his eyes, he and the frightened lady rode off into the starry night never, ever, wanting to return again.

Days and weeks and months passed. The monster brother took to hiding in the woods

crafting himself a small palace made of rock and stone. He slept during the day and hunted at night in order to avoid any knights who might be hunting him.

Meanwhile, Estreail and the maiden, whose name was Bonita, found an abandoned

cottage. Estreail allowed Bonita to rest and heal. During the day Estreail would leave the

cottage to hunt for his brother. He had one desire. He still loved his brother. He knew that Juan was good. He wanted to be able to break the curse that had caused his twin to turn into a monster.

As soon as Bonita was healed, she joined Estreail in his search. She knew the dark woods well and, in her own anger, she hoped to find the dreadful creature in order that it might be slain.

Esteail knew deep inside that he may have to kill this dangerous creature, his only brother, for the good of the kingdom. It pained him so much to even think about driving his father’s great silver sword through his sweet Juan’s heart. His only brother. His brother did not deserve to be turned into a monster.

Early one evening, as Estreail and Bonita were ending their hunt, they spotted something they had not seen before. Lighting a torch and waving it into the shadows of the forest, Estreail made out what looked like a stone palace. It looked cold and empty. To Estreail, it felt like death lurked upon this shadowy place. This must be my brother’s wicked lair, Estreail thought. Bonita shivered in fear, praying she would not have to enter.

Just then a faint yellow bubble of sparkling light shone through the forest darkness. The bubble slowly descended. It was the same fairy who had appeared before Estreail’s parents years before. Bonita jumped off the horse and bowed down instantly, dazzled by the woman’s glory.

The fairy explained that she meant no harm, but she needed to give Estreail advice before he ventured inside the dark, foul palace. If Estreail walked to the depths of the castle, the fairy said, he would find an emerald of pure radiance. “You must smash the jewel into a thousand pieces with your silver sword. This is how the curse bound over Juan will finally be broken” she said.

Joyous with this news, Estreail thanked the fairy. She departed with an important

warning. “If anyone but the royal prince enters the room with the gem, he will instantly turn to ashes”. The fairy looked at Bonita. Bonita, fearful for her life, promised to obey the fairy and swore she would stay by the staircase of the entrance and wait for Estreail to return. And with a nod of approval, the fairy of light was gone.

Estreail bravely opened the doors to the stone palace and stepped inside. Bonita followed behind him. Estreail took a deep breath while Bonita lit a torch. Estreail crept far down into the darkness, hoping no evil spirits would swallow him up while being there. As soon as Estreail entered the lower level, Dysnomia woke up, roaring with anger, sensing his brother’s presence.

He raced down from his sleeping tower to the first floor entrance.

Bonita, upon hearing the roar, hid behind a stone pillar. She held her breath, hoping the disgusting beast wouldn’t smell her out. Bonita prayed for strength and protection. Bonita wished Estreail was with her. Suddenly, silence stopped her panicked thoughts. It was quiet. A little too quiet…

Bonita decided to take a cautious peek around the stony column. As she did, Dysnomia charged, reaching the pillar and slashing it with his claw. The whole column crumbled to the ground. Bonita screamed and ducked for cover. She was almost crushed! She was fine, but her leg was stuck! When the dust cleared, Dysnomia pulled her out from under the rock and roared as loudly as he could in her face demanding to know where his brother, Estreail was going.

Sobbing frantically, Bonita begged for mercy. Dysnomia threatened to kill Bonita if she did not talk. When he couldn’t get any information about Estreail’s whereabouts from her, he violently threw her against the stone wall and left to find his brother.

Dysnomia went to the room where the gem was being kept. The protection shield that

Baltimore had cast around it had been broken. Dysnomia saw his brother Estreail emerge from the shadows. Looking down upon his brother’s face, he no longer saw a young innocent boy.

Dysnomia saw a fierce man. Dysnomia charged at Estreail who stabbed him with their father’s silver sword, wounding Dysnomia terribly. Estreail’s sword was aimed at the emerald at his feet.

He sliced the jewel into a thousand pieces, shattering the wicked thing forever! With a blast of light, Dysnomia was instantly transformed back into himself.

Immediately Juan’s injuries healed, even his eye! Not a scratch was left on his body!

Estreail dropped his sword and embraced Juan, happy to have his brother back. Since Juan had no memory of being a beast, Estreail explained what had happened. Juan was saddened to hear that he had savagely killed his mother and father.

Together the brothers returned to the kingdom. Juan helped rebuild the castle and, in time, finally became king of Gavilen.

Estreail was grateful to Bonita for her help. He fell in love with her and he asked her to marry him. The two were married the following winter!

And they all lived happily ever after! The End!