Why should we thank and honor veterans?

By Natalie English

We should thank and honor our veterans because they went to war and sacrificed their personal lives and home lives for us. We should thank our veterans for making our lives better.

We should honor our veterans for fighting for our country and protecting us. Also, we should be grateful to them for serving our country and risking their lives for each one of ours.

Veterans risk everything to protect our freedom and our country.

Veterans fight every day for our way of life, our country, and our freedom. Veterans are like America’s super heroes and every veteran is amazing. They have all fought in different wars but they are all heroes no matter what.

Thank you all again!

Ways to Honor Veterans

By Ava Acton

My parents taught me from an early age that it is very important to pay tribute to our veterans.

We should honor their service not only on Veterans Day, but on every day throughout the year.

My great-grandfather was a World War II paratrooper, but sadly passed away before I was born. I learned so much about him through my mom and dad’s stories and they have taught me different ways to honor veterans.

One small gesture that can mean so much to someone who served, is to honor them in an everyday setting. For example, if you see a veteran in a grocery store, you should stop and thank them for their service. This small conversation shows respect and also thankfulness for his or her service to our country.

Something that is also very important is to attend memorial services. Attending events like this show respect for a veteran’s service to our country. The folding of the American flag is an honor and is something special to see. The proper way to handle and honor the flag is a way to show respect.

One cost that veteran group is playing “Taps” at a service. One way to show respect and support is to donate to military groups such as the American Legion. Donations keep these groups operating and provide the ability for men and women to perform this special ceremony at a funeral or service.

A person who serves in the military, and is a veteran, deserves our respect. As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to show respect, through small gestures and big ones, that mean a lot to people. May we honor veterans, not only on Monday, Nov. 11, but everyday.

Thank you.

Veterans Day Essay

By Hayden Wilson

How can we honor veterans?

We can honor veterans by lining the sides of the roads with flags. We can also honor veterans by attending the Veterans Day assembly that our school holds every year. In addition, we honor veterans by doing the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. When we do these things, we are honoring and showing appreciation to our veterans.

Veterans are very special to us because they risk their lives for the lives of our country. They are the men and women who fight for our country. If it weren’t for them, our country wouldn’t be what it is today.

When we do the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, we are showing the veterans our promise towards them and our country. Veterans keeps their promise to us by keeping us safe and fighting to keep our country safe. The Pledge is a way to honor our veterans and what have gone through to make sure America is safe.

The flags that we line the roads with are to thank veterans for their service and time that they put into fighting for us. The flags go out every year for the veterans so they know we appreciate everything they do for us.

The Veterans Day Assembly we hold every year is to thank veterans and show our community how much we honor them. This assembly is meant for us to let our hometown veterans know that all their hard work and what they’ve done for us is deeply appreciated.

Some people think that heroes are people with suits and fancy capes, but those things aren’t real. That stuff is only in movies and books. Real heroes don’t wear capes or fancy suits. They are people who will do whatever it takes to save someone else. Those people are your veterans.

They risk their lives for our country and every person in it. They leave their families and go across seas and even out of the country for a really long time. They don’t get holidays with their families. Instead, they fight and work hard to keep everyone safe. This is why I would like to say thank you to the veterans who came here today and every veteran out there still fighting. Thank you.

Blood and Pain

By Lucy Lions

While we sit at home

They travel the countryside and water

Across God’s creation

To fight and kill for our freedom

Crying and bleeding

While family members beg and plead

For their dear brother and sister to come home

From the field or cross or wherever they’ll be

The smoke will lighten

And the blood will fade

But the pain they went through

Will never go away

Thank you veterans.