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Photo by Jordan Crook

Local resident David Webber asks the Hoopeston City Council to attend a meeting to discuss how Hoopeston will adjust to the state’s new cannabis policies.

Local resident David Webber addressed the Hoopeston City Council last week in the hopes of inviting members of the city council to meet and discuss how the city will adapt to the newly approved state cannabis policies.

These new policies, under the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act will allow adults 21 and over to possess 30 grams of marijuana.

The act is expected to generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state and Webber wants Hoopeston to be in a position to capitalize on that revenue.

“I’d love for Hoopeston to get some of those benefits,” Webber said.

Webber said he wants to meet with city officials and other community members to discuss the pros and cons of the matter.

He wants to encourage the city to be proactive on the issue, regardless of what decisions are made.

Webber said the city council is the first group he reached out to on the matter, but he hopes to bring in more people to discuss the matter.

Alderwoman Lourdine Florek said the meeting, should the entire council choose to attend, would have to follow the tenants of the Open Meetings Act, including 48 hours notice to the news media and an agenda for the meeting itself.

Webber said he would look into the details and work on setting up a meeting in the future.

In an unrelated discussion, Alderman Chad Yaden recommended the council take a tougher stance against absentee building owners in Hoopeston after residents raised concerns about properties in town.

Yaden recommended that a few alderman get together with City Attorney Charles Mockbee and look into hiring an attorney that specializes in collections to actively pursue the owners of these properties.

“Maybe if we put a couple of them into bankruptcy the rest will take us seriously,” he said.

In other business:

- The council approved the annual appropriations ordinance.

- Alderwoman Robin Lawson announced that the annual 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb will be held at John Greer Grade School Sept. 7. Sign-up is $25 and can be done at Mr. B’s Cafe, First Financial or Sculpt Fitness.

- Mayor Bill Crusinberry thanked the donors and supporters who made this year’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration possible.

He said its the second largest event of the year in Hoopeston in terms of bringing people to town, second only to the National Sweetcorn Festival.