Temporary food permits are needed when food is made for the public at a temporary event.

Temporary events include, but are not limited to: auctions, carnivals, circuses, county fairs, customer appreciations, flea markets, fun days, fundraisers, public exhibitions or similar transitory gatherings.

Temporary events do not include: private functions, non-fee church potlucks, or catering conducted under a full food service permit.

If any advertising exists for a community members to attend, regardless of cost (or lack thereof) an event is considered “public.” Even if an event is open to only a portion of the public, the health department may require a permit. If you are concerned whether you may or may not be considered a temporary food event, please call the Iroquois County Public Health Department.

Temporary Food Permit Applications can be found on the ICPHD website in the Environmental Health tab. Filing the application two weeks prior to the event will ensure the health department has ample time to review your application, discuss any concerns, schedule an inspection and accept or deny the application.

The fee for a temporary food permit is $25 for a 1-3 days event, and $75 for a 4-14 day event at a non-transferable location. The health department reserves the right to charge a $250 late fee if an application is not received prior to the event.

For protection measures and food health and safety information please visit the Iroquois County Public Health Department website.

It is important to fill out the application thoroughly and to discuss any concerns with the health department prior to the event to prevent any conflicts.

For further questions and concerns, please contact Ryan Wheeler at (815) 432-2483 or rwheeler@co.iroquois.il.us, or any other Environmental Health staff.