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Good afternoon everyone. This is definitely not how I imagined today, or the final moments of our senior year to go. We’ve waited 12 year to get to this point, and this ending doesn’t seem fit for the occasion. The coronavirus has taken plenty of things away from us; our senior trip, senior week, and final sports seasons. We will never get the chance to experience those things as high school seniors. However, don’t let this 1 event cloud all of our good memories. Our high school experience is not defined by the last weeks. We have over 3 and a half years of memories to cherish and remember for a lifetime. The last months have definitely been stressful, confusing, and scary. Our lives will be filled with uncertainty and adversity like this. Life will throw us in so many different directions. Some days we will feel on top of the world, basking in God’s glorious sunlight. Other days it will rain or the sun will hide behind the clouds and we won’t feel so high on life. But, having occasional bad days is important to living a fulfilled life. If everyday was perfect, people wouldn’t appreciate the little things in our world. We would move through life oblivious to all it’s beauty, ungrateful for what we have. Instead of looking at this pandemic as lost time, look at it as an opportunity to open our eyes and finally see all the amazing things that surround us, to remember to be grateful in the moment. We have been given a chance to reconnect with ourselves, our families, and the things that are most important in our lives. We are stronger, more prepared, and more capable to tackle the future because of the struggles we have endured. The past 12 years of school were not only about learning math, science, and English. It’s about growing up, finding ourselves, and becoming strong intelligent people. We’ve come a long way since our first day in Kindergarten and we’ve definitely had good times as Cornjerkers. In Kindergarten, in Mrs. Hofer’s class, I got my one and only yellow card for talking in class. My first grade class had a squirrel as a class pet and I found a love for reading. In fifth grade we finally could play sports and we graduated from the DARE program. Middle School was awkward for us all. Freshman year Erin and I became best friends. Sophomore year I pulled the fire alarm in the girls locker room right after a volleyball game and everyone had to evacuate. I thought it was the light switch. Senior year we made it through a pandemic, said our goodbyes to high school sports, and

watched Colby twerk on stage during homecoming week. The past 12 years are chapters in each of our books of life. This is the end of a long road with lots of ups and no one knows our next adventure. But it will no doubt be an adventure. Class of 2020, we are capable of changing the world. Don’t settle for the path of least resistance or let

adversity destroy your goals. It is your reaction to adversity that will show more

character and will affect your life story more than the adversity itself ever did. Be strong, yet gentle with yourself. I believe in us, the class of 2020. Thank you for starting my life story.