The Hoopeston Area Middle School seventh grade girls basketball team’s stellar season, which included the team winning their first IESA Class 3A regional championship, came to a close last week.

The Lady Cornjerkers faced-off against Beecher in a sectional match at Hoopeston Area Middle School.

Hoopeston Area kept pace with Beecher in the first quarter, but Beecher pulled away in the second and went into halftime with a 12-7 lead.

The Lady Cornjerkers attempted to keep pace with Beecher in the third quarter, but couldn’t pull ahead.

Beecher focused on maintaining control of the ball and running down the clock, denying Hoopeston Area the chance to climb out of the hole they got into in the first half.

Hoopeston Area didn’t let up, however, and continued to push for the basket. Unfortunately, the Lady Cornjerkers were unable to convert many of their attempts into points.

Beecher continued their in the fourth quarter focus on maintain ball-control in the fourth quarter and held Hoopeston Area to only two points during the final few minutes.

Beecher came away with the 28-13 victory over Hoopeston Area.