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Hoopeston Historical Society Member Jeff Keith (left) and Hoopeston Public Library staff member Tom Sweeney (right) hold up a quilt that features bits of local history that was recently donated to the historical society.

A quilt stitched with icons and ribbons representing early Hoopeston history was recently donated to the Hoopeston Historical Society.

Historical Society Member Jeff Keith said the quilt was discovered in Wisconsin by a cousin of Rusty Ray McBride Harrell.

Harrell, who lives in St. Louis, recognized the significance of the quilt to Hoopeston’s history and donated it to the historical society.

Keith said the quilt features a variety of historical ribbons, including one highlighting the dedication of the Star Lodge in Hoopeston on May 23, 1907.

Other ribbons commemorate the Farmers National Convention from 1905 and 1906.

Keith said they don’t know who made the quilt, but said he was impressed by the amount of effort that went into creating it.

“It took a lot of time and talent to do that,” he said.

Keith said the quilt drew a great deal of interest when he and library staff member, Tom Sweeney, had it out on a table last week.

He said the historical society has asked the Hoopeston Public Library to store the quilt in their archive room for safe keeping.

Keith hopes that the quilt will eventually be put on display at the library the future.