Green's Trailer Pic 1.jpg

Photo by Jordan Crook

Jeremy and Carey Green stand outside their recently-opened “Green’s Grub” trailer, located 216 W. Lincoln St. in Hoopeston.

Jeremy and Carey Green have a lot of cooking and they recently decided to share their cooking skills with the community by opening their own food trailer.

Jeremy previously worked at Monical’s in Hoopeston and Carey has always had a love of cooking.

“I love cooking and I like to eat,” Jeremy Green said. “I figured I’d serve the public.”

Green’s Grubs recently opened at 216 W. Lincoln St. in Hoopeston and offers hamburgers, onion rings, curly fries and various breakfast items as well.

He said one of their most popular items has been the Big Texas Burger.

Green said they’ve had some customers, many from the nearby Teasdale Foods, but is hoping to draw in more people.

The trailer is open from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday and will occaisionaly be open on Saturdays.

To learn more about what Green’s Grubs has to offer, visit their Facebook page.