Some Watseka women are making some masks for the nurses at Riverside Medical Center.

Barb Mayotte and daughters Linda Hasbargen and Cindy Coughenour are making the masks.

“My niece Kim Coughenour works in ICU at Riverside Medical Center and they are extremely short on masks,” said Hasbargen. She said her niece asked if the women could help.

“They are wearing these over their N 95 respirators. There is such a shortage of those so they are having to reuse them so if they put the masks we made over them it helps save so they can reuse them.”

Kim sent them a video on how to make the masks. “Then we added a few things to the pattern ourself so they would fit better. We purchased everything to make them,” she said. Barb is a seamstress who has completed many sewing projects for people through the years.

She said it takes about 20 minutes to make one mask. “We got the pattern from my niece but then she asked us to add a few things so they would fit better,” she said.

“We feel so bad that those nurses do not have enough protective equipment to keep themselves safe in order to take care of these patients. It is very sad. We figured that is the least we could do. Plus we had fun doing it spending time with family. In a time that you feel helpless it makes us feel good to do a little something to help,” Hasbargen said.

Hasbargen said the nurses hold a special place in their hearts for another reason, too.

“Two years ago my dad was in Riversides ICU for 21 days in critical condition and those nurses went above and beyond for us. This is the least we can do for them since they are the ones on the front line putting there lives in danger. We encourage anyone who has N 95 masks and regular masks to please donate them to the hospital,” she said.