A Watseka woman is trying to get hearts spread throughout the area during this time of COVID-19 social distancing.

It’s “something fun for the community since we’ve all had to slow down and stop, maybe it can bring a smile to neighborhoods,” said Nancy McKenna. “I hope to see windows filled with hearts.”

It’s an social distancing scavenger hunt, she said. “It’s simple, it’s free, it’s fun for kids and adults. There is no direct contact, but it can show that everyone is still connected and cares.”

She started the group Heart Hunters of Iroquois County on Facebook.

It’s not a new idea, and social media is an epicenter of finding out where these scavenger hunt-like games can be found.

“I’d heard about people putting hearts in their windows from a friend in the Homer Glenn area.

“Then, last night, I received an invite to a group in Champaign area called Heart Hunters. I loved the idea and I would love to see what our area could do, not to take away from those areas but to add to the fun of the idea.”

People are asked to join the group and post a photo of their heart, and then let people find it in their window.

She said at her home, at first there was a heart in the front side window, which only the mail carrier could see. Now, her family has put one in the window by the mailbox, too.

“As this gets the word out I’m hopeful and excited that people will go for walks and look for hearts or go for a drive to get out of the house and count the hearts.

“How fun would it be to see a town of hearts! Decorate and hang a big heart in your window for all to see. There must be a million ways to decorate your heart. Kids, parents everyone decorate your own.

“Kids and adults are stuck inside; what a fun way to connect.

“If you are able to take a walk with your kids or by yourself count how many hearts you see. Need to take a car ride to reduce some cabin fever? What a great way to make you smile.”